Russia’s “Stop a Douchebag” movement for bad drivers shows the right away

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Stop a Douchebag

To curb irresponsible drivers from not taking to the curb, a group of vigilante Russians are filming themselves confronting bad drivers in a cause to set the country’s lawless drivers right. And there are quite a few of them, judging by the dashboard video footages that keep rolling in.

Stop a Douchebag 2

“Stop a Douchebag”, as the movement is called, tries to break a limb or two to physically enforce the little things, one of them being preventing driving on sidewalks. Here’s how it works – the group stands in the way of drivers taking to footpaths to skip traffic and politely asks them to head back to the road. Should they refuse, one them plasters a huge sticker proclaiming “I am a Douchebag” on the windscreen. Further altercations, warrant you one more sticker!

Watch the clip below, as it shows the group go about their business with both gusto and patience, tactfully refusing face-offs, and confronting the sheer arrogance of a few, like the lady with the Evoque in the end:

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