When a Royal Enfield Thunderbird dresses up to look like a Street Fighter

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The Royal Enfield Thunderbird is a long-legged machine that wants you to leave home, your city life and settle for a cruise on the highway. But then someone thought it would be a good idea to make the bike go through an image makeover and made it look like a street fighter. The result is this X350 V2 by Haldankar Customs.


Designed for those who are fed up of Traffic, want something light weight and easy to ride, and still, want it to be a Royal Enfield. Tipping the scales at 160kg this leaner Thunderbird has been fitted with tubeless tires wrapped around lightweight alloys and WP sourced USD front forks. To make it deal better with stop-go urban situations, it gets Bybre made front and rear disc brake assembly. While the rest of the design looks alright, we aren’t too sure about that body colored tyre hugger and the absence of a rear panel.


Illumination is via a LED headlight up front, bar End Signal Indicators and a LED strip which incorporates both the stop light and the turn indicators. Because you shouldn’t feel sad when you see the snazzy instrument cluster on a Duke 390, the X350 gets a capped LED screen for instrumentation which gets GPS, a Speedometer,  music, games, plays videos, and is compatible with USB, Bluetooth, and Wifi. It is waterproof and comes with an in-built speaker.


The groovy looking RVMs have been fitted with CNC cut mirrors, while the exhaust is a custom made pipe which enhances performance and sound. If you like the build, it requires the base of a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350/500 (yr.2010 and after), or any RE powered by a UCE engine. It takes them three months to build an example and the cost is a steep Rs 1,60,000, which is non-negotiable.

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