Rajinikanth’s Kabali themed cars are all the rage right now!

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Kabali Rajinikanth

The highly anticipated historical event of the year 2016 is about to take place tomorrow (22 July 2016). The much awaited, Superstar Rajinikanth starrer movie, Kabali will release tomorrow and is expected to fill the multiplexes to the brim. Following a slump due to a couple of movies that did no good at the box office, Rajinikanth is back as Kabali to re-write history.

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Maruti-Swift-Kabali-Edition - Tamil Nadu - 3

Why are we talking movies and stars you may ask? Well the reason is Rajinikanth! The actor is loved so much by his fans that each one of them in their own way try to express his or her love towards their beloved superstar. Some made temples, many worship him, and then there are people who are going Rajinikanth crazy with their automobiles.

Kabali Lamborghini (4)

For an example, we had updated you guys about a Tamil Nadu dealership offering Kabali editions of Maruti Suzuki Swift for fans. This trend grew up to people to get their vehicle license plate to read ‘Kabali’ by converting ‘KA 8 AL 1’. While the number config stayed unique to a lucky customer there is more ‘Kabali-fying’ reported.

Kabali Audi

In high budget news, a fan from Malaysia has reportedly wrapped his Lamborghini Gallardo with the movie’s eye-catching poster to display his fan-ship. Some call fan-acts as movie promotion stunts, which it could be. But if the trend becomes a hit then all upcoming movie promotion activities will have car owners wrapping their cars with movie posters. So don’t be surprised if you find Badshah and Bhai wrapped cars out in traffic tomorrow!

Kabali Rajinikanth
Kabali Lamborghini (7)
Kabali Lamborghini (5)
Kabali Lamborghini (4)
Kabali Lamborghini (2)
Kabali Lamborghini (1)
Kabali Audi
Maruti-Swift-Kabali-Edition – Tamil Nadu – 3
Maruti-Swift-Kabali-Edition – Tamil Nadu – 2
Maruti-Swift-Kabali-Edition – Tamil Nadu – 1

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