Passion that you can wear, passion that defines your personality, the first ever Motoroids Tee is here!

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How many times does it occur that your passion goes unnoticed and communicating what drives you requires words. How you wish that moment, for something that does the talking for you without any speech. Something that defines your choices, your personality and portrays your love, in a single symbol. A symbol that you can wear with pride, a second skin which conveys the vehemence that drives you, makes you who you are, exudes of your inner self that revs free.

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Well, here it is, the first ever Motoroids tee. Bearing the painstakingly crafted ‘Motoroid’ face, which is made of elements that set your beloved possession on wheels in motion, this is your ticket to the community of ‘The Free-Revving Species’. A sect that doesn’t subscribe to the status quo, is rare, unique and free.

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Available in shades of Passionate Black and Elegant Blue, each tee is made out of High quality 210 GSM fabric, has been stitched for a comfy fit and rugged use, and comes with an inimitable sign that reflects your free-revving spirit and love for automobiles. Go on then, express your passion and break out into the unknown, let the elements know which species you belong to.

MOTOROIDS royal_back_MDS 2

Available in six sizes, it doesn’t matter how your metabolism works, you are sure to find one that fits you best at a price that will put a smile on your wallet’s face!

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