Now walk and cycle at the same time, with the ElliptiGO 3C

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Now this is something really interesting. For those of you who would neither want to walk, nor cycle for exercise, here’s a machine that can let you p both at the same time. ElliptiGO is a maker of exercise equipments which double up as commuting tools. Their latest model, the 3C lets you exercise on the elliptical paddler.

The 3C is the latest in the company’s lineup of such bikes. Priced at $1799 or around Rs 80,000 this bike is definitely not cheap. And if you cannot carry this piece of metal like a loud fashion accessory, chances are that the dogs in the street will bark at you and the kids will throw stones. However, for those who don’t care two hoots about what people say, and prefer being noticed for their rather unique choices, this one’s quite a thing to have.

elliptigo 3c

The exercise equipment cum commuting tool is customizable according to your height. It can accommodate user ranging from as short as 5 feet to as tall as 6’8″, and the stride length can also be tailored to suit leg length.

The bike is available in two bright colours – orange and green, and one not so bright black. Choose one to be noticed.

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