Motoroids’ first ever Goa MotoMeet!


Words : Nikhil a.k.a. Nik2kil

Pics : Qadir Aga, Nikhil and Akshay Prabhu Tendulkar

So while I was stuck in the biggest possible dilemma to go for the first ever Goa Motoroid meet loomed large over my head. First of all being Easter and mainly I went to bed by 4 a.m. after coming home from mid-night mass. So making it for the meet in the morning at 10 a.m. was a worry for me. But damn it I had the responsibility of being a Motorep of my state and I wasn’t going to miss it for anything.

Goa MotoMeet -

Akshay Tendulkar, Goa’s other Motorep called me and had informed me through chat as well about Sunday’s meet. There were many who had exams coming up. I salute them big time, guys who put academics on the back seat for a moto-meet was truly inspiring. What is a small festival ahead of academics ultimately? Akshay told me that they would want to leave soon.

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Goa MotoMeet -

Now there is another major motorcycling community in this country that has similar meets, but at least the Goa chapter has been dead for a long time. At first I was apprehensive that many might not make it, as from a group of 35 the best ever G2G that we had was of 22 members. In contrast here we have the “First-Ever” Motoroid meet and we have around 15 bikers attend it. Definitely the number will increase.

Goa MotoMeet -

We got the introductions through which proved as a lovely ice-breaker. Old time pal and biker buddy Utkarsh Aldonkar and Ashish Bhopal were a pleasant surprise to see at this meet. After that we got some protocols explained to the members, a couple of them aren’t of the habit of wearing a helmet, so some members shared their experience on how at important times a lid and a simple (even rain) jacket saved them from grave injuries. We explained that eventually we should all go in for kits.

Goa MotoMeet -

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The most heartening sight was when all raised their hands to the question, “How many of your brothers want ‘official Motoroid’ stickers?”

Goa MotoMeet -

We met near the Raj Bhavan (governors’ palace) in Dona Paula some 10 K’s of the city of Panjim.

Goa MotoMeet -

Remember in the third Para where I mentioned definitely more to join, well, a blue R-15 blazed out of the main gates of the Raj Bhavan when our shutter bugger was at it, He stared at all the rides lined up and carried on riding, 2 minutes later he’s back, our mystery man gets off his lid and starts inquiring, and the rest is history, “We Welcome Vikas to the Motoroid family.”

Goa MotoMeet -

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There were 6 R-15’s, a Pulsar 220 Fi, 200, 180 & 150 each. From the Honda brand of things there was a unicorn and a Stunner and the Mama of em’ all and easiest to ride Superbikes the Honda CBR-1000RR. Akshay still can’t get over his dream of taking the 1000 for a short spin. “He’d sleep well tonight we all said.”

Goa MotoMeet -

We have tried to make one thing very clear in this G2G itself, we are not out to look for quantity of bikers but quality. We’d rather prefer 10 pukka bikers than 30 posers; I hope we are on the right lines of thinking here Amit.

All in all we had a chilled out relaxed outing and enjoyed meeting up with total strangers and instantly bonding.

Goa MotoMeet -

A special mention for a couple of more things, Ravi came what must be one of the only complete, officially kitted Yamaha R-15. Although the silencer note wasn’t that intoxicating the performance sure was amazing.

As we were winding up a Toyota came and stopped near us, he asked me what we were doing, and immediately on hearing our motive threw his hat in with us and told me that he would love to join us on our next meet. Numbers exchanged and all. He’s a super biker too. Only time will tell weather he practices safe biking or not.

Goa MotoMeet -

So we drew to a close our first meet as Motoroid’ers and looking forward to the next one we all rode off in the baking afternoon heat.

I just hope that we Goan boys can keep up this vigor and spirit and spread the message of road safety, in these days of increasing road miss-haps in Goa. A fatal accident every 2 days in the last few moths is not a comforting stat what so ever.

Goa MotoMeet -

But anyway Motoroids – Goa is born and sure is alive with excitement, expertise and the Joy of revving guaranteed. Until the next meet its ride safe from all of us.

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