Throttle Wide Open racing school session held at Kari race track!

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The California Racing School sessions are still fresh as before in our memory cells while another racing school followed suite at the Sreeperambatur race track. It all started when three racing crazy individuals and superbike riders Anand Dharmaraj, Bhaskar Ramani and Poncho Gopinath who hail from Bangalore, started hiring the Kari track at Coimbatore for track days along with equally enthusiastic friends who were too inquisitive and adventurous to experience burning rubber on the race track, of course with safety in concern. The Throttle Wide Open (TWO) racing school organized its second edition or session on the 27th and 28th of March, 2010.


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A total of 30 students amongst whom many were from Mumbai and Pune, registered as a part of the race school. Amongst the total head count, 21 students applied for the level 1 course which is compulsory for first timers and the remaining 9 students applied for the level 2 course. The session had a huge variety of bikes including the Honda CBR 600 RRs, Hero Honda Karizmas, Pulsar 150s, Yamaha R15s and many more.

The basic purpose of the Level 1 is to delete the bad habits on the track which are learnt knowingly or unknowingly. It starts off with a theory session which emphasize on correct riding positions, introduced concepts like vision, peripheral vision, focus, throttle control and cornering basics. This was followed by a practicals session on the track where the theory knowledge was put into practice.

The menu of the Level 2 course included advanced cornering, braking knowledge, counter steering and many more. The training session had a very positive response making the students willing to register for the next session as well, owing to their improved performance on the track.

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    Can you please update your editorials if you are a proper automobile journal on the web instead of just putting the links to MCN videos and other videos which everyone can see on the net.

  • Deepak Dongre says:

    I guess 400s are ideal for our conditions. BTW do you have this bike with you now?

  • prasad says:

    Fantastic article Amit, if i say you spoke my mind its not an exaggeration. I am happy that Indian markets have super bikes like the gixxer 1000 and R1 and who gets to ride that is some fat guy who wants to spend his fathers money. My soul is not happy with crop of bikes less than 250. RE's quite don't make me happy either. I pity at the wide gap between 250's and the litre class. I wish you own the baby blade very soon bro.