LIST: Top-Selling Scooters Of June 2019

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Since the past 10 years, the Honda Activa has been the best-selling scooter in India and according to recent sales reports, the leader remains untouched, as the Activa has sells 4 times as much than the 2nd placed TVS Jupiter, in June 2019. The rest of the scooters have also shown a fair amount of improvement in sales, but unfortunately, they couldn’t match up to India’s oldest and most loved Scooter. Let’s have a look at all the scooters which have made it to the top-10 list of June 2019, in terms of sales:

top selling scooters april 2019

Honda Activa

Despite a sharp drop in sales, the Activa continues its legacy of being India’s number one scooter by selling over 2,36,739 units in the month of June.

  • Sales in June 2018: 2,92,294
  • Sales In June 2019: 2,36,739
  • Growth: (-19%)

Honda Activa 5G side red

TVS Jupiter

Jupiter is TVS’ best-selling scooter and it has proved its worth every time. Despite a slight decrease in sales, the TVS Jupiter has managed to sell over 56,254 units in June 2019.

  • Sales in June 2018: 59,729
  • Sales In June 2019: 56,254
  • Growth: (-6%)

TVS Jupiter Grande Front Three Quarter

Suzuki Access 125

The Access 125 is one of the oldest scooters in Suzuki’s Indian lineup, yet it has sold over 49,366 units in June 2019, which is about 12% more than June 2018.

  • Sales in June 2018: 38,338
  • Sales In June 2019: 49,366
  • Growth: 29%

Suzuki Access 125 Matte Red 2

Honda Dio

The Honda Dio recently crossed the 30 lakh sales milestone and proved that it is one of the most popular scooters among millennials. The Dio sold over 43,749 units in June this year.

  • Sales in June 2018: 40,738
  • Sales In June 2019: 43,749
  • Growth: 7%

Honda Dio DLX

TVS Ntorq

The Ntorq is TVS’ latest entrant in the market, yet it has managed to capture the public’s attention and reach the top-10 list in such a short span of time. The NTorq has sold about 21,738 units in June 2019.

  • Sales in June 2018: 17,203
  • Sales In June 2019: 21,738
  • Growth: 26%

TVS NTORQ Matte Silver

Yamaha Fascino

The Fascino is one of Yamaha’s most successful scooters in the market, yet it faced a slight decrease in sales when compared to the previous year’s sales figures.

  • Sales in June 2018: 17,216
  • Sales In June 2019: 15,519
  • Growth: (-10%)

Yamaha Fascino Darknight front

Hero Destini 125

The Destini 125 is Hero’s brand new scooter, which was launched in October last year. The Hero Destini 125 has sold over 11,292 units in the month of June this year, which is quite impressive for a newly launched vehicle.

  • Sales in June 2018: 0
  • Sales In June 2019: 11,292
  • Growth: (N/A)

Hero destini 125

Yamaha RayZ

The RayZ is Yamaha’s second best-selling scooter and it was able to sell over 10,696 units in June 2019.

  • Sales in June 2018: 12,416
  • Sales In June 2019: 10,696
  • Growth: (-14%)

Yamaha_RayZR_Maverick Blue

TVS Scooty Pep+

The Scooty Pep+ is TVS’s third best-selling scooter which could make it to the top-10 list this month. The scooter managed to sell 10,631 units in the month of June.

  • Sales in June 2018: 12,135
  • Sales In June 2019: 10,631
  • Growth: (-12%)

Scooty Pep+ and Zest110

Honda Grazia

The Grazia is the upgraded version of the Activa 125, which was supposed to follow the footsteps of the Activa and be a segment killer in the 125cc segment. But, surprisingly the Grazia failed to attract attention and was only able to sell 10,388 units in the month of June, this year.

  • Sales in June 2018: 21,432
  • Sales In June 2019: 10,388
  • Growth: (-52%)

New Honda Grazia – Still Shots (5)

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