LIST: Best-Selling 2-Wheeler Brands In July 2019

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Since the last few years, many 2-wheeler companies have launched new bikes and scooters, however, due to some economic factors, the sales aren’t as good as they used to be before, which is why many companies are facing losses and are planning to discontinue many of their popular products. Despite, these constant fluctuations and the unstable nature of the market, there are some brands which have managed to hold onto their positions and come out on the top. So, let’s have a look at all the 2-wheeler brands which have managed to hold on to their best-selling spots in the month of July, this year:

best selling july bikes 2019

Hero Motocorp

Hero Motocorp is not only the largest 2-wheeler manufacturer in the world but is also the best-selling motorcycle brand in India in July 2019, with a total monthly sales of 5,11,374.

  • Sales in July 2018: 6,63,283
  • Sales in July 2019: 5,11,374
  • Growth: (-23%)

Hero Xpulse – Official Images (9)


Honda is a Japanese company and is one of India’s most trusted 2-wheeler brands. Its best-selling scooter, Activa is the main reason behind its success in India. The brand has managed to sell around 4,55,036 units in July 2019.

  • Sales in July 2018: 5,08,589
  • Sales in July 2019: 4,55,036
  • Growth: (-10.5)

Honda CB300r india launch


TVS is the second best-selling Indian brand in the list and is known for making both, sports and commuter oriented motorcycles for the public. The company has sold about 2,08,489 units in July this year.

  • Sales in July 2018: 2,47,042
  • Sales in July 2019: 2,08,489
  • Growth: (-15.6%)

2019 TVS Apache RTR 180 side


Bajaj is also one of the most popular Indian 2-wheeler brands and is known to specialize in producing bikes and 3-wheelers. The company has managed to sell around 1,70,978 units last month.

  • Sales in July 2018: 2,01,433
  • Sales in July 2019: 1,70,978
  • Growth: (-15%)

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Neon front


Japanese brand, Suzuki, is the 2nd international company on this list and is also one of the best 2-wheeler manufacturers around the world. Suzuki managed to sell about 62,365 units in July this year.

  • Sales in July 2018: 53,321
  • Sales in July 2019: 62,365
  • Growth: 17%

2019 Suzuki Gixxer 250 front

Royal Enfield

Indian brand, Royal Enfield, is a well-known bikemaker, which makes single and dual-cylinder motorcycles and is also famous for its best-selling bike, the Bullet. The company has managed to sell around 49,182 units in July this year.

  • Sales in July 2018: 67,001
  • Sales in July 2019: 49,182
  • Growth: (-26.6%)

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Side red


The 3rd Japanese motorcycle brand on the list, Yamaha, is known to make sports-oriented bikes and scooters. The company sold about 47,918 units last month.

  • Sales in July 2018: 69,097
  • Sales in July 2019: 47,918
  • Growth: (-31%)

Yamaha Fascino Darknight front


Piaggio is a famous Italian brand, mostly known as a 2 and 3-wheeler manufacturer, across the world. Piaggio has managed to sell over 5,893 two-wheeler units in July this year.

  • Sales in July 2018: 6,388
  • Sales in July 2019: 5,893
  • Growth: (-8%)

Piaggio Vespa (1)


Kawasaki is the 4th and last Japanese 2-wheeler manufacturer in this list. The company is known to make track-focused race bikes and sportbikes for the public. They sold around 218 units in the last month.

  • Sales in July 2018: 145
  • Sales in July 2019: 218
  • Growth: 50%

MY 2020 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10 R front quarter

Harley Davidson

This brand is the only American motorcycle company to make the top-10 list and is known for making luxurious cruiser bikes. However, they just managed to sell around 175 units in the month of July.

  • Sales in July 2018: 264
  • Sales in July 2019: 175
  • Growth: (-34%)

2020 Harley Davidson Street 750 1

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