Grip-n-ride: A belt for pillion riders to hold on to

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Hanging on for dear life; that’s what most of us do when riding pillion on a motorcycle. Since a two-wheeler is primarily designed around the rider, there isn’t a secondary handlebar that the person sitting behind can grab and balance their weight on. Especially on fast, sporty machines, a grab rail at the back is not just uncomfortable, but also spoils weight distribution, while leaning forward and grabbing the tank becomes more of an extended yoga session.

grip and ride


So here’s a belt called Grip-n-ride that can be strapped around rider’s waist and has handles which the pillion can hold on to. The belt, with patented comfort grips and grip support bones, is lightweight, durable and allows the rider to maneuver easily, while the passengers, young and old hold on comfortably and safely. Doubling as a Kidney belt, it also provides lower back support to the rider.

grip and ride


Made of waterproof material, it secures around the wearer by Velcro and a buckle strap. The belt also has a pocket for an iPod or a cellular phone. It can be worn with handles to the front of the rider, providing an added secure feeling at high speeds.

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