Comments of the day – Arnob Gupta and Dhairya Gupta

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So should we suggest all the Gupta guys in the world take up commentary as a profession? Well, the names of the very first winners of our Comment of the Day contest suggest so. Dr.  Arnob Gupta and Dhairya Gupta are the winners for the most witty and insightful comments today. Here are their comments, and the links to the posts they made their comments on.


Dr. Arnob Gupta Commented on post : Cars in India to soon get High Security Registration Plates

Whole thing is a sick joke, from the mind of some Babu bin Tughlaq. In the rural areas there are still vehicles with white on black numberplates, sometimes no mumberplates at all, so how is this going to be enforced?

As if this will create big problems for somebody determined to have a fake plate…..

Dhairya Gupta Commented on Post: Epic Fail : Auto Journalist Crashes Ferrari FF

The beeps did not work to voice over the abuses.

Going by the popular culture (of bashing the whole community of people for one sour grape) – All auto journalist should be banned form driving cars! Oh wait, this website is run by auto journalists! Ok, in that case, it includes you guys too! Especially you, Amit! Bwwaaahhaaahhaa!

To be frank, I think it was a genuine mistake. They test drive so many cars, one day a mistake will happen. Nothing to lose sleep over. Its just an alloy damage


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