Barack Obama’s $1.1 Million Bus!

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America is going through some serious economic turmoil which is keeping their President Mr Obama in the line of fire from fellow politicians and senators. Keeping the economic issues of the country aside, check out Obama’s new ride which this time is a big bus.

We are familiar with the US President’s Limousine which is built like a tank and ferries the President around in comfort and safety when he is outdoors. The bus is made to serve the same purpose and the extra space in the given is used to increase its productivity which provides the President with a meeting room,  a rest-room, blood bank, maybe a small pantry to provide food, it will be equipped with the up to date telecom and satellite system and many more things which are unknown even to the closet of his aides at the White House. Not to mention that this jet black bus will be bomb proof, bullet proof, chemical attack proof and will have puncture proof tyres.

The bus is built by a Canadian motor coach builder ‘Prevost’ and the lavish interiors are done by Nashville-based Hemphill Brothers Co and all the tuning of the bus costs nothing less than $1.1 million. It is said that the US Secret Service has got two such buses one for the now President Obama and the second one for the 2012 Republican presidential nominee. Obama’s black bus has convoy of over two dozen support vehicles which also travels with the bus.

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