Aston Martin race cars to feature solar air conditioning!

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Now this is some technology, none of the Bond cars featured. Aston Martin in an effort to keep their race-car drivers cool, announced a partnership with Hanergy Global Solar Power and Applications group to equip it’s race cars with ultra-thin solar panels that can power auxiliary features, such as air-conditioning, without harnessing power from the engine.

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Aston Martin’s plan to use solar power as a source for air-conditioning is not to make people at Greenpeace happy, but to meet the FIA norms of maintaining a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius or no higher than the ambient temperature inside the car during Endurance Races. Conventional air conditioning robs power from the engine and also reduces fuel economy, vital during a race, where the difference between winning and losing is sometimes a millisecond.

Aston Martin confirmed, the new technology should be ready for the next round of the World Endurance Championship, in September. When asked if this technology will find way in road going cars, the reply was, all good road-car technology, tends to be born in racing first.

Aston Martin said the technology could eventually find its way into the V12 Vantage GT3 cars, which they build for professional racers and at a later date into it’s V8 Vantage GT4 cars, which according to them is a more accessible ‘Gentleman’s Racer’.

Source: NYtimes

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