Apollo Amazer 3G Maxx Tyre long term review part 2 – So far so good

Apollo Amazer 3G Maxx long term road test review on the Chevrolet Beat LT (O) 7000 km report


Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (6)

Regulars here would remember that we inducted the Apollo 3G Maxx 165/64 R14 asymmetric pattern tyres on a Chevrolet Beat 1.2 LT (O) about three months back. A significant reduction in tyre noise and increment in grip was quite perceptible right from the word go. Thanks to the stiffer sidewalls, we also experienced a slight improvement in the steering feel and a very mild improvement in body behaviour around bends, too. We weren’t however able to comment authoritatively about the performance of the tyres as we hadn’t logged sufficient miles on the clock to have a critical view of the new rubber.

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It’s been a little more than three months since we inducted these tyres for a long term review, and the test car, in the meantime, has piled about 7,000km on the odometer. We are happy to report that the tyres haven’t experienced even a single puncture even after enduring Mumbai’s pot-holed roads peppered generously with long stretches of paver blocks. The interlocking cement blocks found almost exclusively on Mumbai roads are a known hazard for automobile tyres. Not only does the uneven surface makes the tyre wear unevenly and faster, but are also the perfect lodging destinations for nails, glass and other sharp objects to stand erect and inflict a puncture. No puncture for 7000 km, then, is quite an achievement if the number of punctures we had to get mended on the previous brand of tyres is something to go by.

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We experienced a perceptible increase in grip levels as soon as the car rolled out of the Apollo store in Thane. Having driven the car with the new rubber for plenty of kilometres, however, has only substantiated our first observation. A wider track and pronounced shoulder as compared with the previous 155 section rubber has improved the contact patch, and resultantly the car’s overall poise substantially. During our weekend trips out of town, the increased composure of the car while going around bends enthusiastically was very clearly observable. We expected the tyre noise levels to go up as the car clocked some kilometres. We are, however, happy to report that even without rotation or alignment in the course of these 7000km traversed the tyres remain as quiet as they were when they were newly wrapped around the 14 inch alloys.

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The Apollo 3G Maxx range of tyres is meant for practical, hassle free, reliable usage in everyday conditions. Although made of a softer compound and stiffer sidewalls as compared to your comparable mainstream tyre brands, the 3G Maxx range is not a performance oriented variety of car footwear. Yet, the grip levels are more than satisfactory, even for speeds well above the ton-mark. So while the 3G Maxx isn’t a sportily positioned brand, the performance doesn’t leave anything to complain about for most scenarios typical everyday driving demands, especially for the price. Of course, it’s not the kind of tyre you raid the switchbacks with and expect them to offer immaculate adhesion at the limit. That said, traction delivered is enough and more to leave you without worries even for that odd enthusiastic trip up the hill.

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The overall fuel efficiency of the car is unchanged even with an uprated size and perceptibly increased grip levels.

Another impressive aspect of the tyre is the quality of finish as compared to other tyre brands. When put alongside a tyre in the same price range, the 3G Maxx stands out with its uniform finish and softer feel. There isn’t any deformation or worrisome uneven wear on the tyre till now, and even with the 7000 km logged the tyres look good as new.

The Apollo 3G Maxx 165 / 65 R 14 on test here retail for about Rs 3400 apiece in Mumbai and based on our usage till date appear to be good value for the money. The performance has been really satisfactory thus far, though count on us to let you know if there are any issues in the longer term. Stay tuned.

Quick facts

  • Tyre price: Rs 3400
  • Tyre size : 165 / 65 R14
  • Car model : Chevrolet Beat 1.2 P LT (O)
  • Km logged : 7000
  • Punctures : Nil
  • Noise rating : 4 / 5
  • Grip rating : 4 / 5
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (9)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (8)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (7)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (6)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (5)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (4)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (3)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review (2)
Apollo 3G Maxx tyres review

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