68th Independence Day Wishes from Team Motoroids

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On the auspicious occasion of the 68th Independence Day of the Republic of India, Team Motoroids wishes all its privileged readers true independence.

68th Independence Day Wishes from Team Motoroids

But what does true independence entail?

For a day, let us all sit back and mull over it. Let’s forget the speeches made by our leaders, and people who are used to strutting about in the corridors of power. Let us think about it as a true, blue automotive enthusiast. That is, let us ponder over the matter as a true blue Motoroids Fan!!

  • True independence brings with it freedom of choices.
  • True independence does away with any sort of vulnerability that an individual might face while taking some course of action.
  • True independence allows each individual to grow to his fullest potential, without encountering any hitches.
  • True independence also avoids friction between different individuals, by allowing each one enough space to flourish.

Now, look at the question of true independence through the prism of the automotive world.

Are we automotive junkies really independent?

  • Does the Indian market allow us true breathing space in the form of vehicular model choices? 
  • Does the associated infrastructure in India do away with any vulnerability that might crop up while you are with your prized automobile?
  • During the process of purchasing an automobile, is everyone lucky enough to meet the expectations that he/she had? Or do we all make some or the other compromise??
  • As a nation, are we informed enough about automobiles and the effects that they have on our environment, however negligible it may be?

Definitely worth giving a thought! 😀

68th Independence Day Ride

The Behemoth Q5 with the Subtle A6

Team Motoroids slugs it out every single day to ensure that its readers aren’t at a loss when it comes to the latest happenings in the automotive world. On the 68th Independence Day, the team has embarked on a special ride with the imposing Audi Q5 and the sleek Audi A6. Armed with Quattro, they are well equipped to tackle any challenge that they will face on their way from Mumbai to Paud, enroute to Tamhini. From there, they will soldier on to Lonavla, and will head back to Mumbai afterwards.

The team also has another surprise package on two wheels for the ride.

68th Independence Day Ride of Team Motoroids

The Wicked Z1000

Yes, it is the sinister-looking Kawasaki Z1000!

A detailed ride report will be coming up very soon. Keep in touch with us till then!

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