VIDEO: Pair of Bugatti Veyrons go berserk on the German autobahn, one reaches 328 km/h!

VIDEO: Pair of Bugatti Veyrons go berserk on the German autobahn, one reaches 328 km/h! Bugatti Veyron on the German autobahn, doesn't get any better.

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This Bugatti Veyron goes mad on the German Autobahn.

We all are aware of the massive speeds that the Bugatti Veyron can do. Also, most of the petrolheads on the planet, are pretty aware of the infamous German autobahn. This beautiful piece of tarmac that runs across most of Deutscheland, is a haven for speed lovers. However, despite popular belief, not whole of the autobahn is unrestricted. Some of the stretches still pose a speed limit. But, once you enter the unrestricted zone, you can literally pummel your car’s accelerator. Of course, it is fun to cane your car on these wonderful and derestricted roads. However, it is an absolute hoot if you do that in a 1001 horsepower Bugatti Veyron. And even more exciting, when you have another Veyron giving you some high-speed chase.


The Bugatti Veyron + German autobahn = Dreamlike speeds.

In this video, you will see why the Veyron has been hailed as the king of speeds. There are two Bugatti Veyrons to be seen in this video. But we are mostly concerned with the one that has the camera attached to it. This Bugatti Veyron is the original variant and the driver really stretches its legs. When we say it stretches its legs, what we actually mean to say, is that it hits 328 km/h (204 mph). But those with keen ears, would notice the difference in the exhaust note of this particular example. As most of you know, as powerful as this car is, it doesn’t exactly shout out its oomph! via its exhaust. To fix the sound ‘problem’, the owner of this Bugatti has been to the tuning folks at Mansory and has got the dull and quiet exhaust pipes replaced with some real loud ones, ones that are custom-made for the Veyron by Mansory. After its visit to the tuning house, this Bugatti Veyron truly sounds like a 1001 horsepower machine. The chase Bugatti is one of the newer models, the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and you see it occasionally.


This Veyron must be the world’s fastest police car.

That said, if you love speed and power, this is a video you mustn’t miss! And as a treat, you get to watch that beautiful rear wing/spoiler of the Veyron, doing its thing. Remember, that air spoiler on its own, produces 0.7g of deceleration. That is equivalent to the normal brakes on your hatchback! Enjoy the watch and let us know what you thought of this amazing show of speed. Give us your opinion on the Bugatti Veyron and the magnificent German autobahn.


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