Disgruntled owner donates his Renault Duster for garbage disposal

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Disgruntled owner donates his Renault Duster for garbage disposal (1)

A disgruntled Renault Duster owner from Kota, Rajasthan has “donated” his troublesome compact SUV to the local Morak Station Gram Panchayat on the condition that it would be used as a garbage collection vehicle. What’s more, the ill-fated Duster (now a Dustbin) even reads “Gram Panchayat Morak Station Kachra Patra Vahan” (garbage collection vehicle) in bold on its hood and doors – the handiwork of the owner himself !

Disgruntled owner donates his Renault Duster for garbage disposal (3)

The businessman, Rajesh Parota mentioned that his Duster was giving him incessant trouble with the AC and the electrical systems since the day he bought it. He also adds that even after keeping the car for 200 days in the workshop, the local dealer was unable to resolve the issues. In a fit of rage, he handed the car over to the local civic authorities, and demanded it’s usage as a garbage collection vehicle – Ouch!

Disgruntled owner donates his Renault Duster for garbage disposal (2)

 This incident is a throwback to a similar stunt from Ahmedabad last year, where an angry Jaguar owner had arranged for donkeys to pull his trouble laden XF sedan to the local JLR dealership!

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  • ram says:

    Well done mr parota you teach them a good lesson I was planing to buy renault thanks for giving this update now people wil call it kachra renault.

  • Saurav Chauhan says:

    I was planning a duster….changed my mind after reading the reviews…….Thanks!!!

  • NAKUL JAIN says:

    i wish hyundai wakes up………….. got the clutch switch changed for 5th time since i bought the car 700 rs + 2 hours waste of time explanation to me that we use the clutch a lot its due to ware n tear :-{ intrestingly this problem is associated with few cars of 2010 -2011 model 1.4 dieael 6 speed transmission

  • Rohan says:

    I hope Renault/Nissan will wake up to customer woes after reading this news.

    Nissan cars are wonderful, but the ownership experience is terrible.

    The Service Centers seem to treat the owners as dirt. They charge a bomb for service and offer no respect to the customer.

    The car is never ready on time. Customer’s time is of no value to the Service Center.

    Even a regular service leave a big hole in the pocket.

    The breaks are a major issue with the Micra our car has run less than 40,000 kilometers and I have had the whole set of front breaks replaced.

    They don’t even try and understand the grievances of the customer. If we tell them an issue with the electricals, they behave as if we are abusing them.

    Whatever is saved on fuel bills is spent on service and then some more!

  • gaadi guru says: