VIDEO: Turning the BMW S1000R into a really expensive popcorn maker

A very hungry man on youtube turned his BMW S1000R into what is perhaps the world's most expensive popcorn maker.

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popcorn bike

Here’s a cookery show that uses a really expensive machine to make an ordinary snack. Perhaps hungry after a ride, the man who goes by the name of Royal Jordanian on Youtube, put the free flow exhaust on his BMW S1000R to good use. Putting his Nigella Lawson skills on display, the man uses his bike to transform a bag full of kernels into the fluffy stuff. Like a pro chef, he even demonstrates the cooking methods step-by-step.

s1000r popcorn

So in order to get some petrol flavored popcorn popping out of your exhaust, the first thing you do is bring the exhaust canister upto a medium-high heat. You then shovel a lot of kernels into the gaping hole, make a collecting bowl out of your lid and place it below the exhaust outlet to collect your snack. Depending on what you’d like your hair to smell like later, choose the flavor of those kernels accordingly. That aside, you now know that you won’t die hungry even if you ride your motorcycle to the ends of the earth. All you need is some corn.


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