Newly unveiled Nvidia Drive PX 2 AI computer will provide in-vehicle driving, mapping for Baidu’s autonomous car

Newly unveiled Nvidia Drive PX 2 AI computer will provide in-vehicle driving, mapping for Baidu’s autonomous car...



Nvidia has unveiled a palm-sized, artificial intelligence (AI) computer for providing convenience in the technology of autonomous vehicles. With the Nvidia Drive PX 2 AI,automakers can power automated and autonomous vehicles for driving and mapping. AutoCruise functions like highway automated driving and HD mapping can be enabled with the help of its single-processor configuration. The Drive PX 2’s config is said to be energy efficient since it uses only 10 watts of power. Even with a less power consumption, the device enables vehicles to use deep neural networks to process data from multiple cameras and sensors.

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Nvidia Drive PX is part of the brand’s computing solutions and data scientists who train their deep neural networks in the data center on the Nvidia DGX-1 can run on Drive PX 2 inside the vehicle. The Drive PX 2 enables automakers and their tier 1 suppliers to accelerate production of automated and autonomous vehicles. A car using this device can understand in real time what is happening around it, precisely locate itself on an HD map and plan a safe path forward. The same Nvidia DriveWorks algorithms, libraries, and tools that run in the data center also run in the car. This end-to-end approach leverages Nvidia’s unified AI architecture, and enables cars to receive over-the-air updates to add new features and capabilities throughout the life of a vehicle.

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Baidu’s autonomous car will employ the Nvidia Drive PX 2 for its self-driving cloud-to-car system. It will be the AI engine of the Baidu self-driving car and a partnership has been announced that will deliver a self-driving cloud-to-car system for Chinese automakers, as well as global brands. On the initiative, Liu Jun – Vice President of Baidu expressed that Baidu and Nvidia are leveraging AI skills together to create a cloud-to-car system for self-driving.The new, small form-factor Drive PX 2 will be used in Baidu’s HD map-based self-driving solution for car manufacturers.

To this, Rob Csongor, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive at Nvidia added that bringing an AI computer to the car in a small, efficient form factor is the goal of many automakers. Nvidia Drive PX 2 in the car solves the challenge for their OEM and tier 1 partners, and complements their data center solution for mapping and training.

Some key features of the Nvidia Drive PX 2 are as follows-

  • Nvidia Drive PX 2 is powered by the company’s newest system-on-a-chip.
  • Features a GPU based on the Nvidia Pascal architecture.
  • A single Nvidia Parker system-on-chip (SoC) configuration can process inputs from multiple cameras, plus lidar, radar and ultrasonic sensors.
  • Supports automotive inputs/outputs, including ethernet, CAN and Flexray.

The new single-processor Drive PX 2 will be available to production partners in the last quarter of 2016. DriveWorks software and the Drive PX 2 configuration with two SoCs and two discrete GPUs are available already for developers working on autonomous vehicles.

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