VIDEO : Audi R8 Crashes in to Audi A7 in Brazil

audi r8 crashed into audi a7, images,, video and all the details

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Street racing in high powered machines can be quite dangerous. The racers not only put their lifes in danger but also other people using the road.

audi r8 and a7 crash (1)

There is saying in the petrolhead lingo- With great power comes great responsibilty. Alas, many peole with million dollar vehicles don’t realize this and end up crashing their exotics.


An Audi R8 and A7 was racing in Curitiba, Brazil on a public road with moderate traffic. As can be seen in the video, the traffic ahead stops for some reason. The A7 which was leading also brakes and comes to a halt. The Audi R8 which was trying to catch up with the A7 cannot stop in time and rear ennds the A7 and ends up underneath it. No details are available about the injuries to both the drivers.

audi r8 and a7 crash (2)

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