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Amidst the flurry of cross engined variants and so called `all new versions` of existing cars with merely sticker jobs in the already crowded small hatch segment Nissan decided to inject some innovation instead, presenting the Nissan Micra 2013. How do serious car enthusiasts relate to Nissan? The iconic GT-R, okay, the dynamic Patrol and not to forget the ‘cute’ Micra! Cute no more, Nissan has given its hatch a dose of freshness in the design which is easily more than a mid – term facelift.

Nissan`s Temple Run event held at Madurai happened to be the platform to showcase what was in store with a strong emphasis on innovation and refinement. The highlight and the show stopper of the event was the New Nissan Micra X Tronic CVT. With the sky rocketing petrol prices, the demand for the frugal and fun to drive modern diesel engine cars has surged as well, Nissan presented its ‘different’ automatic, the XTronic CVT mated to a petrol engine instead. So how different is the CVT in real world and can it topple a manual transmission car`s fuel economy figures?

New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-124-1024x685 motoroids-pramotion-728


New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-124-1024x685 motoroids-pramotion-728 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-127-1024x685

Readers aware of Nissan`s international car line up can quickly relate the new Micra to the Juke crossover. By merely changing the bumpers, the engine hood, headlamps and tail lamps it has completely changed the character of the design. The new design can hold itself without needing a Bollywood heartthrob to boost its sales.

New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-124-1024x685 motoroids-pramotion-728 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-127-1024x685 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-95-1024x685

The new Micra comes with new and bigger front honeycomb grille with a big Nissan logo sitting proudly on the new car, in contrast to the `cute` earlier Micra which shyly displayed its parents name with a small logo on the hood. The bigger integrated grille in the bumper is also big and wide with chrome surround pushing the triangular fog lamps to the edge in attempt to use the fog lamps as a part of design rather than purely being functional.

New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-124-1024x685 motoroids-pramotion-728 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-127-1024x685 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-95-1024x685 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-160-1024x685

Nissan claims that the overall length of the car has been increased by 45mm and this only comes due to the redesigned bumpers, the bodyshell remains the same. The new angular headlamps have been nicely merged with the design leading to the A pillar. The new fenders play an important role in execution of the fresh front end by complementing the headlamps and the bumpers which have lent the Micra a smart, assertive and dynamic look.

New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-124-1024x685 motoroids-pramotion-728 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-127-1024x685 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-95-1024x685 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-160-1024x685 New-Nissan-Micra-2013-facelift-India-review-133-1024x685

The Micra also gets blingy looking LED tail lamps and a spoiler as well. The designers have added a lower lip to the tail gate which gives it a flush fit look with the bumper. Nissan has added a set of tastefully done smart looking alloy wheels on the XV variant and they do add to the overall flair of the new design.

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  1. Not the car, if this would be your only car!

    Dealers sell many cars but you would perhaps by one for at least couple of years. My car had a breakdown last night, less than a month of delivery on 31st July 2013. The starter motor got fried with the burning smell, the on-road service recommended the car be towed away.

    I am without wheels again and waiting to hear what the damage is like. But imagine the angst of a breakdown of serious kind and the feeling of being let down, when everyone around you advised caution on basis of poor feedback on service.

    I would not recommend Nissan Micra CVT.