CBR150R officially launched at Rs 1.16lakh, all the details

| March 15, 2012 | 35 Comments

Honda have launched their highly anticipated CBR150R motorcycle for the price of Rs 1,16,385 for the Standard variant. There Deluxe variant has been priced Rs 1000 more at Rs 1,17,385. The Standard variant will be available in 2 shades – Black with Pearl Sunbeam White and Sports Red with Pearl Sunbeam White. The Deluxe model (with special sporty graphics) shall be available in Black with Candy Palm Green & Vibrant Orange with Pearl Sunbeam White colour. The bookings for both the models, as we stated earlier, have already started.

CBR 150R has a light and compact DOHC 150cc engine with FI which produces peak power of 13.11 Kw (17.6 BHP) @ 10,500 RPM and peak torque of 12.66 Nm @ 8500rpm. Honda claims that the power delivery will be ideal for both highway and city riding conditions. The bike features twin tubular frame as the backbone of its dynamic ability. TheCBr150R also features liquid cooling and PGM-FI for better efficiency and responsiveness.

Visually, the CBR150R looks somewhat similar to its bigger 250cc cousin, the CBR250R. The 150R features a Y shaped headlight, a very short exhaust muffler which has been done in a pentagonal shape. Full fairing, disc brakes both up front and at the rear and digital instrument cluster. Doing suspension duty up front is a telescopic fork, while a mono suspension handles the task at the rear. Both tyres are tubeless. Then there is an advance O2 sensor and air inductor to minimize the tailpipe emissions.

Honda CBR150R
The New 150cc bike is expected to bring some more competition in the performance 150cc bike segment, dominated currently by the R15. The CBR150R, powered by a 149.4cc liquid cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder, fuel injected engine has a six speed gearbox to allow gears suitable for both city riding and highway cruising. The new 150cc warrior from Honda trumps the R15 V2.0 in terms of power, while also offering a friendlier riding package with upright handle bars and a comfortable seat for the pillion. The power delivery of the Honda engine can also be expected to be more linear than the peaky R15.

At Rs 1.16 lakh, the CBR150R seems to be a tad overpriced to us. The similar specced R15 may be slightly low on power output, but is equally well equipped, features a more advanced Deltabox chassis and look sportier too. The pricing of the Ceeber, in that context, looks rather optimistic. The Pulsar 200NS launch is also round the corner, and as all of us know, BAL are going to price it below the RS 1 lakh mark. So if Honda were to spin good volumes with the new model, they would have done well to price this baby a bit moe aggressively.

Honda’s CBR range of bikes made their debut in 1983 with the CBR400F. Later, in 1989 with the launch of CBR1000F, CBR, as brand made a name for itself in the world of supersport bikes. The brand was brought to India first in 2009 with the launch of the CBR1000RR. In 2011, this was followed by CBR 250R. And now we have the CBR150R , the smallest machine in the CBR series is here.The first batch of these bikes will hit the showrooms by the end of March 2012.

Want one of the first to have a CBR150R? Then rush to the nearest Honda dealership, as their will be less than 1000 of them coming out in the first batch.

R15 V2.0 or the CBr150R? Take your pick, and do let us know. Here’s the CBR150R video commercial featuring Casey Stoner

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  1. Hritik Jain says:

    Tough choice…..i guess r15 looks better but honda is more practical….but in the end its good for end users…aftrall hvings options is always good :)

  2. I agree, the CBR looks slightly old school and dated whereas the R15 with the new tail looks better. Hopefully Honda has learnt its lesson from the CBR250 of taking QC for granted. But even with all the quality bits, it'll still be tough for the Honda- apart from the R15, it still has to fight with the KTM and the P200. Pricing is indeed the key here- a guy like me wont mind paying 20k extra for the Orange for the real world performance it offers…and then at the lower end there's the P200 waiting like a hungry cat to pounce upon the Honda. Bikers win in the end ;)

  3. Amit Bravo says:

    any news if ABS version available?

  4. ShIvam ShAhi says:

    its exshowroom price?

  5. Do I see a disaster in the making at this price?

  6. Love the "highly optimistic" exhaust note overlaid in the ad :)

  7. hritik- but the new version of R15 looks r good but somewer comparing wid the old R15 the old 1 s better than new by few points..
    n the pillion seater s too high and a dangerous one. bcos its too high from the ground level…

  8. just 17.6. y dis kolaveri di.

  9. Arnob Gupta says:

    Choice between a P200 and a CBR150? This time it's the Honda which looks like a loser to a SIMILARLY SOPHISTICATED and more powerful bike.

    While the KTM and the CBR 250 hold clear aces in different areas as they are aimed at different segments, where does the Honda justify the possibly 20% premium in price over the 200? R15? It says a lot when the "performance bike" becomes the "looks bike". The V2 was a wasted opportunity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely. No one in their right mind would buy this at this price when both the p200 and the d200 are much more vfm, especially the duke.

  11. Hritik Jain says:

    dude..cudnt agree more….the original r15 was a legend….i own a r15 v1 myself…n mind u i bought it on october….probbly m the last ower of brand new v1 all over india…

  12. Roshan Srivastava says:

    its my bikw now….

  13. compare with r15 v2 in terms of power not with style and looks, i don't know what kind of eyes do you people have, tell me what part of the cbr looks better than the v2 , pillion comfort? there you go again, that will be the only excuse you'll ever have

  14. Leaving CBR250R aside….if its all all out battle between the baby duke, R15v2.0 and the CBR150 it would definitely still hold true that each bike still caters to a different category of riders…. the duke is meant for an all out adrenaline junkie… possibly the gen. Y RX100, if you can call it so…. if its pure track based riding you re interested, then nothing can beat the R15 for all its delta frame and geeky terminology… whether its cornering or sheer input the R15 is at the top….having said that, if you re looking for an all rounder… (keeping the desi VFM mindset)… every once a while you ll need the urge to give a lift to that chick next door, and you don't want her to complain of a sore…err… bottom at the end of it… the CBR 150 does all of it well… at the end of the day its all what you want the bike to do for you…A biker would think by his heart…
    for a bike has to have character and soul… that is made up of small imperfections which sort of define the bike…we love these small imperfections…. and that's what gives the bike a personality… something that the world's best 2 wheeler manafacturer – Honda lacks… hondas are too perfect… everything works… and hence the personality of hondas are like heart surgeons who re just too good at what they do…. but they don't grab a beer after work. :).

  15. Kartheek Kanna says:

    no comments ride 1st.

  16. Kedar Pendse says:

    guys m in for cbr 150.r ,,,, truely I beleive honda over the yamaha………….specially when it comes to indian conditions.

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