Volvo S60, XC60 and S80 D3 Kinetic launch: Image gallery

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As we mentioned earlier, we went to the launch event of the new D3 Kinetic line of Volvo f0r the Indian market recently. The company has brought in the new 2.0 liter 5 cylinder engine with 163 bhp and 400 Nm with a maximum fuel efficiency of 18.5 kmpl. The prices for the new D3 Kinetic line are quite attractive with the S60 priced at Rs 23.2 lakh, S80 priced at Rs 31.2 lakh and the XC60 priced at Rs 32.2 lakh. The company is offering advanced features such as laser assisted automated braking and leather upholstery as standard on these cars. That fantastic pricing for a very accomplished line of products, and should, in all probability make the German big three to think again about their pricing strategy for India. Here’s an image of the specification and features sheet for your reference, followed by the image gallery for the three new products. Please click to expand the images

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