Vintage Car Rally In Lavasa: Images and Event Report

| December 14, 2013 | 3 Comments

Lancia Racer Harit Vintage Car Rally Lavasa

Lancia Racer

As we write this, the beautiful modern township of Lavasa is hosting a vintage car rally, featuring some of the oldest functional cars in India. Our man from Pune, Yatharth Chauhan is currently at the event, reporting live, while also being chauffeured into a vintage era of long bonnets and convertible roofs.

Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (11)

VW Military Wagon

While full details of the participating cars and their details will be available only after some time, what we know as of now is that more than two dozen vintage beauties are participating in the rally. Participating models include the 1932- Lancia Racer, 1934- Austin 7, 1939-Volkswagen Military Wagon and several others. Participants from Mumbai and Pune have driven to the venue to whip up some nostalgia in the picturesque Lavasa valley.

Merc 180a Dnyanesh Vintage Car Rally Lavasa

Mercedes 180 A

With a lineup of more than 30 vintage cars decorating the tranquil promenade of Lavasa lake city, the show presents an awesome opportunity for the old car lovers to see their favorite beauties in action. The show which started at 1:00 PM early today, will carry on till late evening.

Check out the images of the participating cars below, and stay tuned for a more detailed report.

MG1966 Ramesh Vintage Car Rally Lavasa

Some Year 1966 MG model

Merc 180D Amol Vintage Car Rally Lavasa

Mercedes 180 D

Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (12)

Sunbeam Rapier 

buick Sameer Vintage Car Rally Lavasa

A Buick

Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (7)

You got an Impala here

Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (5) Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (4)

Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (3) Vintage car Rally Lavasa  (2)

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  1. uttkarsh says:

    I am trying to find if the show was only for today or is it open tomorrow as well? Can someone help with the info?

  2. legacysam says:

    The Lancia and 180D were never there. What’s the point of fabricating information?

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