VIDEO: Audi developing synthetic engine noise for R8 e tron

Popular German car manufacturer Audi has announced that its R8 e-tron will debut with “synthetic engine noise” when the car hits the market later this year.

The “noise” is being created for the ‘almost mute’ model to give the driver an experience not too different from the Internal Combustion engine equipped sibling. Audi says that the engine note being developed will be “well-rounded and harmonious.”

Simply speaking, this system will emit emission notes as per the electric motor RPM. The sound will be played thru a loudspeaker attached to the undercarriage.

Dr. Ralf Kunkel said about the development of the engine note,”Because we here at Audi are all automotive experts, we have a great advantage over sound specialists elsewhere. We know our vehicles inside and out, not to mention how they operate and behave.”

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