Top 10 bikes at Auto Expo 2014

| February 9, 2014 | 12 Comments

We take pride in the fact that we have strived hard to bring to you the most comprehensive coverage of the ongoing  Auto Expo 2014- the Motor Show.

(Auto Expo 2014: Exhaustive Live Coverage – Images, Details and Reports)


While this year’s expo brings along many new vehicles, there are some of them that have managed to caught our, and everybody’s, attention a bit more than others. Based solely upon the popularity of some such models, gauged by the number of visitors landing on our pages, we have come up with a list of Top 10 bikes at Auto Expo 2014.

Rank #1 Bajaj Pulsar CS 400


Seeing from the number of page-views stories related to this bike are garnering, the new Pulsar CS 400 is easily the most exciting bike among all the models showcased at the Auto Expo 2014.

One of the two latest additions to the Pulsar boasts of a 375cc single cylinder engine that comes from the highly acclaimed KTM 390 Duke and this means that the power figure of the production spec model can be safely expected to be around the 40PS mark. The Pulsar CS 400 can very well become the next big thing in the world of affordable performanc bikes and if the KTM 390 Duke prices are anything to go by, expect a really killer price tag for the new Pulsar. This is one bike that we (and am sure, several of you out there) are really looking forward to.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 at Auto Expo 2014

Rank #2 Bajaj Pulsar SS 400 


Close on the heels of its cousin on the popularity charts is the new Bajaj Pulsar SS 400. The Bajaj Pulsar SS 400, in all probability, would be a faired version of the CS 400. The bike would be powered by the same 375cc, fuel injected engine and is expected to have similar power levels. Akin to the naked cousin, the fit and finish levels on this bike seem to be top notch and the bike comes with factory fitted ABS. If the initial impressions are anything to go by, Bajaj seems to be having not one but two winners in its hands. This one would definitely appeal to the ‘fairing-hungry’ Indian bike buying lot.

Bajaj has surely upped the ante by bringing these two models. And believe you me, we are as desperate to get our hands on these two machines as you are!

CLICK HERE to read more about new Bajaj Pulsar SS 400 at Auto Expo 2014

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  1. shashank says:

    no mentioning of hero hastur and honda cbr650f..??? both these bikes are quite an eyecandy..specially hastur..and also moto guzzi california shud also have been included..they deserve

    • Hi Shashank, what you say is pretty correct. However, as we have mentioned in the beginning of the story, this list is as per the response of the public, ie, our pages that have garnered the most visits from you all have been ranked and accessed accordingly.


  2. I am shocked there is no Mahindra Mojo :/

  3. swap says:

    Undoubtedly Pulsars deserve those spots.

  4. Prady says:

    It’s really disappointing to see that Honda CX 01 is not been mentioned at all where as some stuff which is not even worth mentioning has been made it to here. It’s going to be mass market premium product. I am sure it makes it to the production as design was final and almost scores on top few. I think the write-up guy lost focus and generally choose the stuff at will.

  5. Mukhtar Baba says:

    I have seen the bike at auto expo personally and want to buy it as soon as possible "may iska deewana hogaya" believe me I am 57 years of age

  6. Arjun Chandrashekar says:

    It’s a Shit Piece (Pulsar) of Bajaj, Not attractive than TVS Draken

    • prandeep says:

      Draken is a concept you will never see it in least not so soon…so dnt compare it with cs and ss400.they are not concpt bikes

  7. its very stylish bikes i like it……

  8. Jay says:

    Waiting for Bajaj Pulsar SS 400…

  9. Xavìer sattik says:

    Bajaj works really good in pulsar ss 400 ….but I’m eagerly waiting for that beast TVS Draken

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