New Mazda RX-7 coming in 2015; to get a rotary engine!

| February 16, 2014 | 8 Comments


It is being said that a new Mazda RX7 is in pipeline and the car could have its public debut sometime in 2015. The new car will be powered by a new gen rotary engine.

While this news is in contradiction to Mazda CEO Masa-michi Kogai denying that his company is working on rotary engine revival, several media groups claim that the manufacturer is already working overtime on a new rotary engine that will make its public debut with the RX-7 in 2015.

There are good chances that the next gen rotary engine will be naturally aspirated and would have a a cubic capacity of around 600cc per rotor. The engine will have a twin-rotor layout and hence, will have a total displacement of 1.2 liters, which is basically equivalent to 2.4 litre conventional internal combustion petrol engine. This upcomnig new age rotary engine would have a max power of around 250 bhp . While rotary engine are known for their issues with reliability issues and high fuel consumption, the next gen motor would be devoid of all such troubles.

Talking about the new Mazda RX7′s exterio design, it would follow the same design philosophy as the next-gen MX-5, which is due in 2015. In charge of the upcoming car’s design is Ikuo Maeda, whose father drew the original RX-7 way back in the 70s!

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Source: Autoweek via Carsoops

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  1. Fran Foley says:

    Build it

  2. I own a first generation RX-7 as well as an RX-8! I'm very hopeful that this car will be made and I will get one for sure!

  3. Misael Aponte says:

    I thought it would have 300 hp.

  4. Dennis Morgan says:

    I wanted an RX8 Sooooooooooooo bad in 2003. This looks cool too

  5. Tanner May says:

    As soon as it comes out I'm adding a turbo to her!

  6. Ian says:

    Mazda should fix the low end torque issues ; high oil consumption . Better fuel economy like sky active engines ! A single turbo unit also twin turbo units . Up to 350 hp this is what rotary fans are look forward too .

  7. Tim says:

    Well, they wouldn’t call it an RX-7, more likely the RX-9. And someone said “This looks cool too”. Those are old RX-7s, as I’m sure most of you are aware. The newer model will probably have 3 doors (coupe+hatch), as opposed to the setup the current RX-8 has. They’ll likely offer a Turbo setup, though I doubt they’ll offer a TT setup. If they stick to current trends in current manufacturing, they’ll nod to history with some nice memorable cues from the original RX series. Also, in regards to another comment, they wont be able to “fix” the low end torque that rotary engines provide. If you want torque, you want a Carbeurated V8, not a rotory.

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