UPDATE: 2011 Honda CBR150R power and top speed figures released!

| October 26, 2010 | 98 Comments

Update (26th October 2010):

The 2011 CBR150R photos you saw earlier in this post came from Thailand when their local media got their hands on the all new CBR150R around the Thailand Golf Circuit. The same journalists have now released info on the power and top speed claims of the new Honda entry level CBR. From what the journalists have come to find out, the CBR150R can manage a top speed of 160 km/h – that’s close to the Ninja 250R’s territory and higher than its immediate rival – the Yamaha YZF-R15. There is however no info provided whether this top speed was a speedo-indicated one or true speed tested through speciality equipment like the VBOX.

The other claim is that of the power output. According to what these journalists have found out, the 2011 CBR150R produces 19.5 hp (19.7 PS) @ 10,500RPM. If that claim is true, then the new CBR150R is up by 0.9hp (0.91PS) over the previous generation CBR150R, which produced 18.6hp (18.8PS) and 2.7PS more than the Yamaha YZF-R15 (17PS). There still no information on the CBR150R’s torque output. To read the rest of the specs of the CBR150R, CLICK HERE.

Update (20th October, 10:00 AM):

- Lots of new photos of the CBR150R!

- The tyre sizes are now confirmed: Front – 100/80-R17; Rear – 130/70-R17 (similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 250R)

- The Thailand media got their hands on the bike yesterday and are hinting towards a 35 kmpl fuel economy when ridden at 90 km/h!

- The engine continues to be 149.4cc but Honda will release power and torque figures of the CBR150R on the 26th of October

- Seat height is 783mm (7mm higher than the current Honda CBR150R, and 7mm lower than the Yamaha YZF-R15)

- The bike will be available in 3 colours in Thailand, the Sporty RWB (red-white-blue HRC paint scheme), Black (with black wings) and Red (with black wings as shown yesterday)

Image Gallery:

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Click here for the SPECIFICATIONS of the 2011 Honda CBR150R

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  1. Shobhit Srivastava says:

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  2. Sibu Rock says:

    nice bike.i buy dis bike as soon as lunch in india market.

  3. nic…….bike……..rs ketne hai is bike ke.

  4. Dilip Pandu says:

    nice model in honda.

  5. Elline Claudette Ripalda says:

    It's my Papa, s bike!

  6. Roonye Arc says:

    Definitely am getting this Bike, as soon as its on!

  7. Avijit Das says:

    bike range to high than other,

  8. Suniel Yadav says:

    looking fwd to own one of such kind…sure!

  9. Sairaj Naik says:

    I want it!

  10. itssssssssssssss really nice and compititor of r15.

  11. Harith Azri says:


  12. Sagar Saxena says:


  13. aku ada pke 150 body lama..sapa taw brpa kos full body 150 yg bruuu.

  14. honda cbr is very nice bike maine jabse is bike ko liya hai mein bahut khush hun…

  15. Nitin Verma says:

    YO YO……….CBR…..//////

  16. I m waiting for cbr 150r in kolhapur.

  17. I am 155 cm tall to ride cbr150r or not.

  18. nice look..bt price is more.

  19. Arnav Saha says:

    nice review…………….

  20. Kartheesan Velsundaram says:

    Excellent Design

  21. Asadh Nasir says:

    WooooooW super………..

  22. Sajjad Jafri says:

    coooooooooooollllllllllll bick

  23. Sunil Sunny says:


  24. Sreerag Srg says:


  25. Sayan Nandi says:

    Looks cool… Would be a good choice for my next bike!

  26. Shubhadeep Banik says:

    2i to dekhi mobile er moton bike paltash..:P…koi ek din agey to twister ta nili

  27. Shubhadeep Banik says:

    aro hyt dekh,comment ta korar por eita display korche…"2 seconds ago via Mobile" …

  28. Sayan Nandi says:

    Never mind that… ;) About the buying thing… I planned to buy a cell phone after joining, but still don't have enough pockets for that :(

  29. Shubhadeep Banik says:

    mobile kinchis na …abar bike kenar koth bolchis?

  30. Sayan Nandi says:

    Ki ba aar korbo :/ Bike kinle baba funding korbe upto 70%… NA for Mobile :P

  31. very nice…… rockzzzzzzzzz

  32. Maberik Ramos says:

    it really is a beautiful bike, but I have to say the 160 kph top speed is a bit high for the engine power of the bike, maybe if it's going downhill.even the current modell CBR 250 w/ EFI can only reach 95mph indicated w/c translates to 152 kph(CycleWorld mag) and only 87mph or 140kph corrected at 2500 ft elevation on a level terrain. are you saying w/ the power and torque of a 250 the 150 is still faster? a lot of cbr's and raider 150 owners are boasting that their stock bikes can manage 155 up to 180 w/c is really impossible for a 150 four stroke w/ less than 20 hp on tap. btw, the world record holder for a top speed run on a production 150cc bike is 160kph, it was set on a NSR150 w/c is of course a 2 stroker w/ 39 hp and can reach 200 kph plus downhilll, that's right more than double the power output and torque of a 150cc four stroke. I think the TRUE top speed for the power and weight of the CBR 150 should only be around 125 to 130 kph, there's no way it's faster than it's 250 big brother.

  33. blaaa laaa mto hot2 nk msuk mlay…ask lmbt jaaaa…honda 150 new punya pun xmsuk2……

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