UPDATE: 2011 Honda CBR150R power and top speed figures released!

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Update (26th October 2010):

The 2011 CBR150R photos you saw earlier in this post came from Thailand when their local media got their hands on the all new CBR150R around the Thailand Golf Circuit. The same journalists have now released info on the power and top speed claims of the new Honda entry level CBR. From what the journalists have come to find out, the CBR150R can manage a top speed of 160 km/h – that’s close to the Ninja 250R’s territory and higher than its immediate rival – the Yamaha YZF-R15. There is however no info provided whether this top speed was a speedo-indicated one or true speed tested through speciality equipment like the VBOX.

The other claim is that of the power output. According to what these journalists have found out, the 2011 CBR150R produces 19.5 hp (19.7 PS) @ 10,500RPM. If that claim is true, then the new CBR150R is up by 0.9hp (0.91PS) over the previous generation CBR150R, which produced 18.6hp (18.8PS) and 2.7PS more than the Yamaha YZF-R15 (17PS). There still no information on the CBR150R’s torque output. To read the rest of the specs of the CBR150R, CLICK HERE.


Update (20th October, 10:00 AM):

– Lots of new photos of the CBR150R!

– The tyre sizes are now confirmed: Front – 100/80-R17; Rear – 130/70-R17 (similar to the Kawasaki Ninja 250R)

– The Thailand media got their hands on the bike yesterday and are hinting towards a 35 kmpl fuel economy when ridden at 90 km/h!

– The engine continues to be 149.4cc but Honda will release power and torque figures of the CBR150R on the 26th of October

Seat height is 783mm (7mm higher than the current Honda CBR150R, and 7mm lower than the Yamaha YZF-R15)

– The bike will be available in 3 colours in Thailand, the Sporty RWB (red-white-blue HRC paint scheme), Black (with black wings) and Red (with black wings as shown yesterday)

Image Gallery:

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Click here for the SPECIFICATIONS of the 2011 Honda CBR150R

Specifications of the 2011 Honda CBR150R which was recently unveiled in Thailand

Click on the image for a larger view of the spec sheet

Click here for more info and photos of the 2011 Honda CBR150R

<UPDATE BEGINS> More pictures and details about the new Honda CBR150R motorycle

  • The 2011 CBR 150R looks somewhat similar when compared with the leaked images of the CBR 250R
  • The 2011 CBR 150 is still using the same chassis design as the earlier CBR 150R, but the new panels have created an entirely new look for the bike.
  • Front and rear disc brakes, but the CBR150R doesn’t have ABS, the CBR250R does!
  • Split seats
  • Blinkers reminiscent of the Honda CB Dazzler
  • License plate has a separate bulb for illumination,  totally new taillights as compared to the earlier CBR150
  • The pictures reveal IRC RX-01 Road Winner (supposedly tubeless) tyres, these wil most likely be replaced by MRF’s if and when the bike comes to India. Front 100 (or 90) section width, and rear 120.
Honda CBR150R side

The CBR150R, unlike the CBR250R, doesn’t seem to have ABS

Honda CBR150R instrument panel speedo tacho

Half digital instrument cluster with an analogue tacho and digital Speedo-Odo unit

Honda CBR150R front

The headlamp is clearly reminiscent of the VFR1200F (and the Aviator front)

Honda CBR150R side

Stubby mid-ship exhaust looks nice and goes well with the design

<UPDATE ENDS> Keep reading for the original article

new Honda CBR150R, Honda CBR150, Honda new 150cc bike
Honda seems to have revealed their new CBR150R in Thailand. The new Honda 150cc bike, shown on a Thai website is painted in a racy red, white and blue colour scheme, has drawn design inspiration from its bigger VFR1200F sports tourer and is a full faired bike. The details available on the bike are sketchy and nothing much can be made out except the fact that it’s a fuel injected machine employing Honda’s fabled PGM-FI fuel injection system. However, having seen the Yamaha R15 in action for more than two years now, we can safely assume that it’s going to be a liquid cooled machine with power somewhere in the range of 18-20 bhp, with special focus on weight reduction to boost performance. Although the tyres used on the CBR150R are not as slim as the R15. The rear tyre seems like a 120 section unit, while a 90 section tyre seems to be doing duty up front. Speculations on Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India planning to launch a performance bike this Diwali have been rife for quite some time, and if a motorcycle has to hit the Indian road, this has to be it.

Honda CBR150R front wheelHonda CBR150R tail lamp
The new motorcycle has disc brakes both at the front and the rear, and one can also see clip-ons. The rear-sets are placed quite far behind the seat for a sporty riding position. The frame employed here is a beam frame, which is also used in most racing superbikes, implying that excellent handling traits are guaranteed on the new bike. It would be nice to see how this brand new full-faired performance oriented learner bike from Honda fares vis-à-vis the R15. We’re enthralled!
New Honda CBR150R specifications (speculated)
Engine 150cc, 4-valves, liquid cooled
Power 18-20PS
Torque – 16-18Nm
Price – Rs 110,000

Images courtesy : TMCBlog

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