Man builds a bike from his broken car’s parts to escape from being stranded in deserts

A Frenchman going by the name of Emile was recently left stranded in the deserts of Northwest Africa due to the suspension swingarm of his Citroen 2CV breaking down. Now, instead of spending days waiting for a passer-by to be found for help, what Emile did was to build him a motorcycle from the parts of his broken down car. It is said that this motorbike enabled Emile to escape the desert. Another interesting part here is that the local authorities had to be convinced that he wasn’t smuggling in an imported vehicle. Rest assured, we are surely in considerable awe.


News Source: Hackaday via Reddit


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  1. Ameya Bothara says:


  2. Ankit Sharma says:

    I say, BATMAN :) :)

  3. Here find more images on this project.

  4. Ameya Bothara says:

    Guy lost in a desert made it look like a project?!!
    Not an Engineer then…MBA probably!

  5. impressive if true/// anything forgein though I doubt.. like Toyota and Honda and infinity all junk..

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