KTM 200 Duke Launched!

| August 31, 2011 | 26 Comments

Ah! Not really! (This could soon be my trademark line)

Well, its launched, but not launched in India yet! Yes you heard it right. Conceptualized in Austria, Made in India, and ladies and gentlemen,  launched first in Malaysia!

Is this a test bed for BAL – KTM? Could be, but we hope it isn’t. After all the Malaysian Prime Minister launched the machine.

The Malaysian price is supposedly  RM15k-RM18k, which is a good 10% lower that the CBR250R price there. Considering that both the bikes are being made here, it could be fair to assume at least 10-15% price cut. This means a price band of around INR 110,000 to INR 135,000.

At the price tag of 110,000 it could bring some serious threat to the R15 and the CBR. Of course the mango-people would rather prefer the nice beefy fairing on the new R15, and the number obsessed  people would opt for the CBR.  With the Hero Honda, err the Hero Moto Impulse coming up it could also under cut the S – sized duke price.

But one thing is sure, the Bike is ready and could be launched soon! Who knows, right after the R15 launch!





Images : MotoMalaya.net


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  1. Sheel says:

    Look at the main stand between :45 to :50

  2. Anirban Chaudhary says:

    Hahhahaha……watch the video from :09 to :13

  3. peter says:

    worst pulsar add ever..

  4. peter says:

    @ anirban– best part i think.. reminds me of my dog running to me..

  5. abhishek nayak says:

    This ad is complete BS. Cannot believe the people (the real bikers!) at motoroids liked it!..Also agree with the comments above. Shows the quality of the bike with fairings and stands flying all over the place! not to mention bad cinematography!!..Bajaj please get your ads done by Velocity Films. After pulsarmania(which was amazing!!)i almost bought the 220f in spite of being aware of its crappy quality. Thats the effect the ad had on me! but u suddenly look so hero honda now!

  6. Nishant Kalbhor says:

    lol check out the wheel locking and spinning again while doing a stoppie.. :P

  7. sushil says:

    wowie! proud 2 b a p220 owner!!!!

  8. rahul says:

    nice vedio…

  9. it'll hits fz market. haha

  10. Syarifah AminZara says:


  11. Syarifah AminZara Benyahya ?

  12. Syarifah AminZara says:

    saje nk interframe kat wall org

  13. Amer Bin Ahmad says:

    Fariz, hang ambik yang le…best gak.

  14. Kiddo Justin Tan says:

    what's the price in malaysia?

  15. Faizal Siti says:

    nak gak bli.

  16. Din Lah says:


  17. if it comes with that 1Malaysia logo… I am seriously going to respray!

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