Popular microprocessor company Intel recently announced that it will be soon supplying processors for the infotainment systems of upcoming Nissan cars. Intel Atom, which can be found doing dty in netbooks and smartphones, will be seen heading to infotainment systems of Nissan cars. This should begin as soon in 2013.

Andy Palmer, executive vice president, Nissan Motor Company and in charge of Infiniti, said, “The twin-display, developed with Intel technology inside, is a breakthrough feature that presents driving-related information in the right place and at the right time.Nissan chose Intel as a technology partner to jointly develop rich in-vehicle experiences that will keep Nissan drivers and passengers informed, entertained and productive while maintaining optimal safety.”

The Nissan-Intel partnership also focuses on development of mobile device-to-vehicle fusion, cloud based services for cars, video surveillance of cars and vehicle control & access via smartphones.

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