Honda CBR500R clear pictures leaked: Full details & Specifications

| October 26, 2012 | 16 Comments

Completely undisguised images of the highly anticipated Honda CBR500, CB 500 and CB500X motorcycles, which have a good probability of making it to India, have finally emerged on the internet. The engines and mechanicals of the three bikes are going to be largely the same, with styling being the major differentiator.

The CBR500 will be a mini-me version of the CBR1000RR, the CB500 that of the CB1000R                and the CB500X will mimic the recently introduced NC700X. Designed to be affordable and fun to ride, these bikes may well be dished out initially from Honda’s Thailand factory, with a good probability of later being manufactured here in India itself.

Of the three, the CBR500 is the sportiest looking of the lot. The handlebars, however, seem to be a little too upright for a proper sports bike. We aren’t too fond of that big exhaust either, but the machine looks nice overall. The CB500X takes inspiration from the NC700X. It doesn’t qualify as a tourer or a sports machine, but is, instead an easy going machine which should be a very versatile tool for value seekers. Finally the CB500 is the naked streetfighter version, which should do well in European, as well as the Indian market if priced well. The three bikes use exactly the same engine, and most other components. While specs would largely remain the same across the three models, there may be minor tuning differences. The key specs are provided below, in our previous story about the bike. (check out the gallery after the story the complete set of images)

We have been reporting in detail about the upcoming Honda CBR500R. After a considerable period of silence, new details of the new bike have finally emerged on the web world. As we have been saying, the Honda CBR500R will provide a bridge between the 250s and the 600s and we have finally stumbled up on some leaked specs of the new CBR.

While Honda CBR500R does looks a lot like the bigger and meaner Honda CBR1000RR, the upcoming bike won’t be an impractical replica. Instead, it will have enough space for two and will provide large grab rails for the pillion. The seat does looks very similar to that on the CBR250 and in all probability, the 500R will play an elder sibling to the baby CBR.

Honda recently announced a new European Junior Cup, which will use an ‘as-yet-unnamed’ “exciting new Honda sports machine.”

Here are the Technical Specifications of Honda CBR500R:

- 470cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin

- Six-speed manual

- 46.9bhp

- 30lb/ft of torque

- 401lbs (dry)/430lbs (wet)

- 105mph top speed

- 31-inch seat height

- 120/70-17 (front)/160-60-17 (rear)

It is being said that the above data comes from an unrevealed source at Honda Europe. The power figures look very apt for the new A2 license tier in Europe. The new license enables 19-year olds to ride bikes with up to 46.9 horsepower.

At this power rating, the CBR500R is almost twice as powerful as the CBR 250. The new CBR makes 30lb/ft of torque and has 50% more torque than the Ninja 300. The bike will be manufactured in Thailand and will borrow a lot of parts from the CBR250. The 500 will be almost 85% as fuel efficient as the Honda CBR250 and the new Honda CBR500R definitely offers a good blend of performance and affordability.

Also MCN had featured clearer pics of the two 500s in their September 2012 issue. We’d say that the faired version looks great in racing colours.

Via hellforleathermagazine  and MCN

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  1. That 181 kg dry weight is jus too much and 105 mph ain't so impressive :.

  2. This is chicken shit, I mean those are the specs of a 500. You got to be kiddin me.. If they wanted the power to be somethin that the Europeans want then they could have had limiters installed for those countries..
    Agree it has a ample amount of torque but the weight and top speed figures ain't a whole lot great..

    p.s a 470 cc bike. Weren't they going to use fevicol on 2 cbr 250's engines.

  3. I wish they are talking about HP at the rear wheel.

  4. I feel this is pretty decent for a country like India with its roads and infrastructure and so is very sensible. As if we have the roads to use machines bigger than these specs. Most of the bigger capacity bikes that we have, we don't even get to use 50% of their available power.

  5. Utsav Chs says:

    Is this coming to India? 105mph ain't impressive for such a big bike. Its too heavy if its 181kgs(dry).

  6. Guys…Power to Weight ratio of Honda CBR250R is 152 Ps/Ton and Power to Weight Ratio of Honda CBR500R is 260 Ps/ton. Now even the KTM 200 has a Power to weight Ratio of 186 Ps/ton and guys having riden the KATOOM will definitely vouch that it is a seriously fun bike to ride. Now imagine how much more fun 260 Ps/Ton would be?

  7. Carlo Marbaniang says:

    jynjar leh kine ki bike shane sha nongkyndong jong ngi. Ym biang servicing, ka surok lei lei ynnai iakren. Hap ap sa katto katne snem, 2 or 3 yrs hopefully.

  8. Carlo Marbaniang says:

    Hopefully KTM will come up with more bikes in that category , as well as Yamaha who have dealerships here.

  9. Carlo Marbaniang By next year te lah long ban niah ia kum kine ki bike ha ka By pass and by 2014 lah ioh pyndonkam ka four lane. Besides kam dei ka top speed ba fi dei ban look forward to.If you want to hit top speed, go to a racing track, hynrei the 0-60 kmph is more important. Ka bike ba ai 5 sec 0-60 kmph and ka bike ba ai 3 secs 0-60 kmph even with the same top speed ka lah iapher bha.

  10. Carlo Marbaniang KTM is coming out with a Duke 375cc producing 32-33 bhp and which will be followed by a Pulsar 375cc 28-29 bhp by the end of the 2013. These will be single cylinder machines. However KTM and Bajaj are also working on a twin cylinder engine that may be incorporated on a KTM and Pulsar bike sometime after 2014. CC is not yet known, but could be more than 375cc, i hope. As for Yamaha, word is out that they are working on a 250cc R25 which will produce 25-26 bhp and cost somewhere between 1.4-1.6 lakhs. The Kawasaki Ninja 300R is coming this Diwali with 39bhp. Even the Ninja 400R is awaited. As for other manufacturers, Honda is expected to launch this CBR500R and Suzuki its Inazuma 250. Mahindra may launch its 300cc Mojo and there is no certainty that TVS will launch any product in the 250cc+ segment in the near future.

  11. Carlo Marbaniang says:

    Bye-pass road is a good idea. My bike can do 0-60 in roughly 5 secs but never faster than that. I'll check that again after my planned upgrade.

  12. Ka Pulsar 220 Ka R15 ka CBR150R ki ai kumba 5 sec eiei. Ka Duke 200, CBR 250R, Pulsar 200NS, Hyosung GT250R ki ai under 4 sec. Ka Ninja 250R patde ka ai 3 sec.

  13. I think this bike will make for a good touring bike..the modest power output & 181kg dry weight point in that direction..don't expect any fireworks & don't go by the name CBR…

  14. Now that's how a CBR should look like!

  15. karikor says:

    This will be the best segment in Indian Morotcycling for the next few years. Unitl we have roads which can accomodate 300 kmph.

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