Hero Honda introduces new CBZ Extreme

| April 22, 2011 | 51 Comments

Hero Honda have introduced a new, refreshed version of their CBZ Xtreme 150cc bike. There hasn’t been any mechanical or performance upgrades to the bike. The 149.2cc air-cooled single cylinder engine has been left untouched and still produces 14.4 PS of power and 12.80Nm of torque. Hero Honda, however, have incorporated quite a few cosmetic and feature related changes to the bike. Here’s the list

1. Digital intrument panel

new CBZ Xtreme instrument panel

2. Ignition key shutter

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme  ignition key shutter

3. New fairing

4. Reshaped fuel tank design

new CBZ Xtreme fuel tank

5. New alloy wheels with 5 pairs of spokes

6. Rear Disc

7. New LED tail lamp

Prism LED Lamp

8. New rear shockers (GRS)

9. New exhaust heat shield

10. Step seats

11. Undercowl for the engine

12 Clip Ons

The new bike has been priced at Rs 72247 and Rs 68942 OTR for Delhi and Mumbai respectively

The bike is available in the following shades

CBZ Xtreme Panther Black Metallic

CBZ Xtreme Max Brown Metallic

CBZ Xtreme Flaming orange

CBZ Xtreme Digital Silver

CBZ Xtreme red

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  1. Jaya Nair says:

    want to know more details about CBZ extream.

  2. but the new cbz xtreme 2011 is superb bike , really rocks , great work by hero honda, its better than apache and pulsur 150, 180 segment.

  3. Dhrubo Anthony Gomes says:

    Nice Bike. :D

  4. friend i buy a new cbz xtrem when i drive my bike after some time i noticed engine is very hot. so tension from the mind

  5. Lenin Pugal says:

    very very nice..

  6. Manimaran Manoharan says:

    nice product,

  7. Manohar Babu says:

    cbz xtreme new is very good permanence.good mail age.

  8. I think its so nice bike….

  9. Anandh KM says:

    Bike s cool. u will never regret with its perfomance or power or pickup. It has Split handle I doubt thy missed mentioning them. Its cool control with tht. Solid and stable. Good milleage in 150cc.
    The split seat gives you comfortable ride. :-)

  10. its a nice bike with great mileage of 45.7 in city and 53.2 in highway.

  11. NeerAj Dewli says:


  12. Sam Shokeen says:

    best bike

  13. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    bought cbz xtreme nast bike hai great looks great pick up.

  14. Tony K.Mathew says:

    This is very nice article… Thanks to auther… I like cbz xtrem very much

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