Fiat to unveil Punto 90 hp sports on 18th May

I have always been a fan of the Fiat Punto. Reason being some really well sorted out driving dynamics, a good diesel motor, decently equipped cabin and all this with an exterior styling that shouts how well Italians know to design their cars. Imagine my excitement when Fiat launched the 90 hp version of its Punto diesel. Suddenly, services of Petes tuning chip was not required and the car surely made a good case for itself as a nice option for those looking for a potent and sporty hatch. Now, the car enthusiasts are all set to get another treat from Fiat India as it will soon launch the sports version of its funky little hatchback. Our sources are saying that this car will command a premium of about INR 30k over the standard Punto 90 hp and will come with a few additional features. The sports variant of the car will come with chrome exhaust tip, body decals, chrome lining on dashboard and will be available in 3 shades-black, white and red.confirmed. More details on this variant are currently unknown but expect us to come up with a full fledged report on the car once it is unveiled on 18th of this month. Stay tuned folks. 

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  1. 1st time dhekha tujhe hum kho gaya.. 2nd time mein love ho gaya…. Punto Sportz coming to india.. yeppeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Anil Patil says:

    Any plan to gift me in diwali??????

  3. but tuning needs to be sorted since 90 HP doesn't feel like 90 hp. How about the 1.4 T-Jet Punto Sports. Damn delicious prospects.

  4. Ivan Castellino says:

    I hope they have used better plastics for a car at this price point.

  5. wont make sense.. it would be priced very high.. people still don think FIAT is a brand to own. sadly!
    i guess it more of styling alone.. hope 1.4 T-jet makes it way into GP or may be a 1.2 T-jet??

  6. Tarun Pant says:

    Oye You can't get anything better than punto offers in that price segment …..lagta hai tune ford figo or baki diesel ke interiors or plastic nahi dekhe ….

  7. Ivan Castellino says:

    yaar ford figo an all is cheaper also nah….punto 90HP is like 8 lacs plus OTR

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fiat should take a cue or 2 from Yamaha. Yamaha India was riding a drowning boat 2005-06 before it woke up to the consumers demands and took the efforts to cater to the enthusiasts. And it is now common knowledge how well that has benefited the Company. Fiat India ought to understand, the person who walks into a Fiat showroom has chosen to do so out of sheer passion for the products. If someone wants to own a Fiat Punto, it is because he/she expects something different, something more (1.4 T-Jet Punto in the present case).Independent showroom/service stations is one good step.However the products have to be competitive and make sense. There is no running away from that Fiat India. : D

  9. Aniket Vaidya says:

    I own a Punto for 2 years now.. every time I look at it I still fall in love with it.. its a timeless design.. more styling will make it look even more gorgeous may be then I will even have a photo of my car in my wallet.. : )

  10. Rahul Patil says:

    The Grande Punto is a fantastic looker, but the price it's at, needs more powerful engines , FIAT – get the 1.4 T-Jet in 120hp tune and the 1.6MJD also around 120-140hp , the Linea too needs bigger engines , 1.3MJD being the smallest on diesel sedans. The 1.6MJD should replace the 1.3, and maybe the 1.9 as option. Should the Bravo and Viaggio be in the pipeline, the commonality of engines could be beneficial too.

    And why limit the 90 to just 3 colors? White isn't bad, but color choices should be rationalized. Tuscan wine is liked by many, I personally would have liked the middle grey , followed by silver (the earlier silver was a little dull though ), and oceanic blue. Also why isn't/wasn't the Bronzo Scuro option given for the GP?

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