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They say history repeats itself. We think it does. Back in the 60’s, in the world of Rock n Roll, among peace rallies and rise of the rebellion, a new form of motorcycling took form. It was called café racing. If you aren’t familiar with the term, Good Morning; hope you slept well for the last 60 years. We aren’t sure if the culture of café racing is coming back with increased policing and track days replacing street racing but café racers sure are making a comeback. Thank God for that.

Images: Bobby Roy

2014-Triumph-Thruxton-Side-View-2-600x381 motoroids-pramotion-728

Words: Dhairya Gupta

India saw the launch of Royal Enfield’s café racer Continental GT last year and boy, did it get some attention. Everybody wanted a piece of it, some disliked it, some loved it but everybody was talking about it. Then came the launch of Triumph motorcycles in India along with their Café Racer inspired Thruxton, a pure-bred British motorcycle. In the world of automobiles, Germans are the brains, the engineers; Japanese are the legs – their cars and bikes move more people around the world than any other; British are the soul. However, a part of that soul died when people moved to more reliable and modern machines. With so many British car and motorcycling companies shutting shop, it is Triumph which has managed to stand the test of times and has, well, triumphed.

2014-Triumph-Thruxton-Side-View-2-600x381 motoroids-pramotion-728 2014-Triumph-Thruxton-Triumph-Moniker-600x400

I remember riding a Ninja along with a slew of modern Japanese bikes in the US, back in 2008. One bike stood out. No it wasn’t a Ducati – there were three of them. It was none other than the Triumph Thruxton (by monique). There it was, looking Oh! So pretty with its gleaming chrome, racing stripes on the tank, large naked cylinders, clip-on’s et al. It was the only bike (other than mine) I clicked during the ride.

2014-Triumph-Thruxton-Side-View-2-600x381 motoroids-pramotion-728 2014-Triumph-Thruxton-Triumph-Moniker-600x400 2014-Triumph-Thruxton-LHS-Side-View-440x600

I had a similar reaction when I went to pick the test bike – the latest Triumph Thruxton.

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