All New 2014 Honda City: Spy Pics and Specifications


We have been talking in detail about the upcoming generation of the Honda City. Now, what we have here are probably the first pics of the next generation Honda City which should debut towards late 2013.

Thanks to the shape of air dam, the front grill and the headlamps, we are pretty sure that the car here is from Honda. What further points at the car spotted being the City is the overall dimensions of the car being smaller than both the current gen Accord and Civic. However, if this here is indeed the City, it won’t be wrong to predict that the upcoming car is marginally longer and wider than the current gen model.

Not much can be made out from the pics but from what can be seen, it is clear that the new car would get LED treatment for the tail lamps, new design alloy wheels and projectors for the head lamps.

It may be noted that Honda is known as the maker of a range of world class petrol engines. Over the years, it has pioneered various petrol engine technologies and world over people swear by the car maker’s VTEC motors. While the onslaught of new petrol motors from Honda was on pause since last few years, the car maker has now paved the way for ‘the next big thing’ in low capacity petrol engine technology by recently showcasing the 1.5 Liter-4 cylinder Direct Injection petrol engine.

This engine will make its debut with the next gen City midsize sedan. The new car will also get a VGT version of 1.5 litre iDTEC diesel engine that debuts on the Amaze.

As can be seen, the new wheels on the car in the pics have five bolts instead of four that the current City has. This again points towards the car being the next gen City as more fasteners on wheels might be owing to the higher power output of the new car.

The new petrol motor produces 127 Bhp of max power and 154 Nm of peak torque. To put things in to perspective, the 1.5 Liter i-VTEC  engine that powers the City has a max output of 118 Bhp-145 Nm.

The new 1.5 litre Direct injection petrol motor comes laden with various new technologies like High-tumble port, Low-tension piston rings, Patterned piston coating, Mass EGR, 2-stage relief oil pump, Lightweight engine block construction and Start-Stop system

The new motor, which comes under the banner of the much publicize Honda Earth Dreams Technology, will have high fuel economy and low tail pipe emissions.


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this is not city its spy pics for Honda CR-Z sedan..wrong news


how do you know it CR-Z sedan?


this is not the new honda city....


Its a Mercedes Benz E-Classe,,,,,,,,For all those stupids who believe in Rumours...See the picture with eyes not with your BALLS!!


well these pics r of emergency facelifted HONDA CIVIC 2013 available in North America basically inspired by MERC


The news regarding intro of an entirely new power train incorporating DI r however somewhat right as such an eng would increase power n save fuel by 12%


It is honda CRIDER


i believe it city. i have look a real city known as acura city.


Send me the pic of new honda city to be launched in 2014 as heard really waiting for the car to buy a new one