EXCLUSIVE: Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS vs. KTM 200 Duke

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With yesterday’s launch of the new Pulsar 200NS, bikers around the country are dazzled and awestruck. The looks of the bike are above what we were expecting from Bajaj and the tech specs are quite impressive as well. It was a little disappointing to find out that the motor was only 200 cc in size but it is stronger, lighter and more powerful than the current Pulsar 220, hence, we have no reason to complain. Before this unveiling of the new Pulsar, there emerged a lot of hype over the KTM 200 (launched by Bajaj).Now, with the launch of Pulsar 200, the premium segment is going to see a fiery competition. So far, we haven’t tested either of these bikes (though, we can’t wait to get our hands on these) and thus, here is what we came up with after comparing the specifications and other data.

KTM,  an Austrian brand, has a world wide popularity. They are renowned for their off road and  enduro/adventure tourers.  Bajaj with its Pulsar line-up has been dominating the market since more than a decade. Pulsars are letting the folks at Bajaj laugh all the way to bank as Indian youngsters crave for speed and raw power. Also, the Pulsar got popular as the ‘coolest’ stunt bike, all thanks to T.V show – ‘PULSAR MTV – Stuntmania’. 

Now both these bikes have a displacement of 200cc and almost similar power and speed figures. However, the pricing should be the factor that will separates these two hot newcomers.

KTM  200

Its lean, its aggressive and then, it’s a KTM. Draped in trademark KTM trademark shades – black and orange, the sharp angles and steep creases make this modern naked bike stand out from the crowd of quarter faired ‘premium’ bikes. KTM has a ‘ready to race’ tag and this bike should live upto it.

Price- Rs.1,17,500 (ex showroom, Delhi)

Pulsar 200 NS

The new Pulsar is edgy, futuristic, mean, sharp and whatever other adjectives you might want to use to describe this 200 cc bike that looks nothing like a standard Indian motorcycle. The bike comes dressed in a two tone color scheme with gloss and standard matte black. This bike has paved way for the street fighter segment in India and has brought in a package that is just too good to be sold for under a lakh. Did we just tell you that Bajaj has confirmed that the pricing will be under Rs.1 lakh? It may be noted that the new Pulsar does not share parts with the KTM as speculated.

When comparing the important technical aspects of these two bikes, we realized that this was a very close competition and the Pulsar might eat into the sales of the KTM.

Price- Under Rs.1 lakh (claimed)

You’ve seen the specs and the bikes. Like we mentioned above, the pricing is a decisive factor. It is definitely going to confuse the new buyers who have been waiting and saving for these two radical machines. Our message to them, “think about what your exact needs are from the bike and then choose which ever fits in more appropriately”.  For us, it doesn’t really matter which bike sells more. We are just happy that these two game changers are going to roll on the Indian roads and set the standards high for all competitors.

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-Guest correspondent Tapan Jadhav, Pune

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  1. Deepak Dongre says:

    It will go bust in India….so many creatures on the road…bechaara kidhar kidhar focus karega ;)

  2. Ni Roll says:


  3. Niteesh Yadav says:

    200 ns is vry gud but the head of bike is not gud,

  4. Dr-Abhishek Chaudhary says:


  5. ktm's gud but costly compared to bajaj..

  6. Mike MK says:

    KTM Roks……………..

  7. प्रणितराजे बळिराम गरड says:


  8. Mujtaba Ali says:

    ktm rokszsssssssssssssssssss

  9. Sagar Gupta says:

    pulsar 200ns much gud bike………..

  10. KTM kitna deti hai.(mileage).

  11. Pawan Gurung says:

    its realy expensive……..

  12. ktm s gud but lil expensive..

  13. Anonymous says:

    got duke 3 days ag0 and guyz please don't compare it to 200ns..its completely different and unique.

  14. Rranaa Rules says:

    ltz see guyz I thnk…………….it vil be.



  17. duke is lighter than p 200NS, so acceleration goes to duke.but still 200NS is aggresive in it's look(c the head, sometimes remind as ghost rider's).Hat's off for both of 'em.

  18. nice… have the Test rides for the Pulsar 200NS begun? I for one would not mind testing it, before pitching it with my dream bike the CBR250R… ;)

  19. Vishal Kamble says:

    bajaj 200 ns model band karo bajaj company band karo.

  20. Satish Kumar says:

    KTM will be rocking preformence.

  21. Alish BK says:

    pulsar 200ns will kill.

  22. Rey Brian says:

    for me the 200ns is a perfect style for me..the headlight on it was designed so great, when you look on it at first seen, it looks like the yellow machine Transformer..you know that machine..hehehe..hope so it will come out here in the Philippines..

  23. Vijay Anand says:

    BAJAJ will rock the market again…

  24. Yogesh Ahirwar says:

    pulsar200ns is good.

  25. pulsar 200ns must be faster then ktm!

  26. Nitin Gupta says:

    Though a Debatable Topic ;-).

  27. kmt is good in look as compare to pulsar ns.

  28. KTM is rock but pulsar is a rockstare..

  29. Anonymous says:

    ktm is not compare to another bike that is rock 200.

  30. May be in future it will rock! but in present condition! its bitter to buy cheap n simple bikes.

  31. I like both ktm n new 200ns pulsar. both rocks in their own place..

  32. Ashish Thapa says:

    I go with crush! he is right..

  33. pulsar 200ns looks gr8 but the price high to purchase.

  34. Ankit Kashyap says:

    pulsar 200ns iz better den ktm duke…….

  35. Hardik Parmar says:

    both are very good bikes.

  36. The price of 200 ns isn't 1,17,000..
    The original price is less than 90,000.
    and it worth's it!

  37. I like all pulsar models……………

  38. Prasun Sinha says:

    200ns is fighter bike, sab ki le li.

  39. Well I Just BBought the KTM 200..gives me the plsure in 9 secs.

  40. In t nei talu,zama racing khm ka chw ce a t cu

  41. Being Neel says:

    Pulsar 200ns is going to be my new ride….its cool……when is the launch I am waiting to book the monster asap.

  42. Rapraderz Hmar tak tak2 mw. racing a mw a mi cho…MI lo Nghak rw se…saaaaaaaaaala

  43. Chand Khan says:

    both bikes are amazing.. but there is also price matter. and then Pulser 200ns is cheaper and batter.

  44. Chand Khan says:

    Pulser 200ns is nice and my favorite bike.

  45. Pulsar Pulsar Pulsar! If KTM were to launch Pulsars, they would have priced it double…. I would prefer the Pulsar!

  46. Vinodh Vinu says:

    pulsar SUPER…..

  47. Pulsar 200 NS is the best…… Ride it and believe it.

  48. Kalyan Sutar says:

    ktm is bttr 4 styl and engine bt pulsar is bttr 4 price bt I wil vote ktm coz it rockzz……..

  49. both bikes are awesome.
    , bt look out for pulsar 200ns.

  50. Parshant Mann says:

    KTM ROCkss

  51. Manjunath Nakkundi says:

    ktm duke rocks!

  52. i oly gve d idea u flickd t

  53. Manjunath Nakkundi says:

    haha soo fuunnny soooo funny!!!!!

  54. u noe i m laughn so bdly tat even my ass is cryn

  55. Ishan Dixit says:

    both will kill r15 and cbr 150…..

  56. Rajat Patil says:

    Are u kidding man..One thing I would hate is to have the Number plate above it!

  57. Nitish Jangid says:

    pulsar 200ns lUkInG NiCe.

  58. Dino Rawat says:

    Pulsar 200Ns Not looking that much good wht we expecting.. But better than KTM.
    & the cheap thing is Head light..
    I think showroom price should be not more than 70,000$.

  59. Manjunath Nakkundi says:

    haha dats nt cld cryin!! dats called shittin u idiot!!

  60. Karan Jain says:

    Pulsar 200 Roks……….. all Pulsar ROkSSSSSSSSsssssssss.

  61. 2012 needs a bike like pulsar 220cc.

  62. check the bikes after launch. the number plate comes below the head light. *jumps in joy*

  63. Tanay Dutta says:

    200ns rock………….

  64. Yash Chopra says:

    200NS is nic bike…

  65. Krishna Dune says:

    200 ns just has 1 minus point compared to the ktm but for the xtra 30000 rupees we can get it above the level of ktm.

  66. Its a good looking Bike And What is sespencan.Waoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………….

  67. Somu Gowd says:

    duke apprenc ki gud…

  68. KTM DUKE got killer looks..

  69. Inder Arjun says:

    ktm and ns both are bajaj rocket.

  70. Hawkprey Smoker says:

    35-40 in city and 40-45 on highways !

  71. Hawkprey Smoker says:

    Dude , you're kiddin right ? 70,000$ ? you're working in axis bank , Really ? then you should know the difference B/W Rs and $ ! :PP And dont compare KTM with Bajaj bikes ! :) It looks far better than any pulsar ! :)

  72. Neel Mewada says:

    pulsar 200NS will fuk all bikes…..
    its awesum….
    i love it….

  73. Simran Patil says:

    pulsar 200ns like bike.

  74. Bhanu Prakash says:

    200 ns

  75. Rohit Pathak says:

    haan ji

  76. Vibhu Rajat Deep Lall says:

    duke is best bike……………….

  77. Suhas Funde says:

    pulsar 200ns again shows that Indian technology rocks.chak de India.

  78. Sanoj Sen says:

    pulsar 200ns is gud.,
    bike getting rs 86000 :D

  79. Amit Kumar says:

    200 ns is better.

  80. Anant Kilar says:

    200NS: A Good bike but less utility factors though.

  81. Pravin Cl says:

    ya NS looks hot wit 4 diff shades … bt wen compared to ktm its always duke ;)
    evn tho thre iz sm 30k diff.,,

  82. 200 ns with 6 speed gaer box fucks all the bikes……

  83. Aesh Nath says:

    both are gud.

  84. Sunny Singh says:

    ktm really rocks but pulsar is just slightly behind ktm and dude look at the price difference. HAMARA BAJAJ

  85. PrasHant GiRi says:


  86. Amit Khanna says:

    pulsar 200 ns is going to rule the road…wooooooooo.

  87. fahroja says:

    by desinge, i like KTM

  88. Nagaraj.gk says:

    Duke is looking too hot but there is no road grip in this bike

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