VIDEO: How About a Turbocharged 180 kmph Yamaha R15!?

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As we await the launch of the Yamaha R15 V3.0, here’s someone who has turbocharged the older version to make it hit 180 kmph on the Dyno. Thailand based tuning house ‘TuneBoss’ has also added a quick-shifter, a voltmeter and a gear shift indicator to the orange rocket. This particular R15 also gets USD front forks, a more sophisticated rear swingarm, and a custom exhaust. They’ve trimmed the fairing to make the evil turbo breathe better and there are a few other visual mods too.


If you manage to drown out the electronic music, you’d notice how the mod job has made the tiny 150cc sound like a rather serious motorcycle. The bike hits that speed on a Dyno and we’re sure its real-world top speed must be lower than that. But getting a 150cc motor to do that sure takes skills. While the video is not recent and we’re sure some of our audience must be already aware of this one, it doesn’t hurt to revisit a little monster. On a side note, the 2018 Yamaha R15 V3.0 is nearly here and should be launched in the coming weeks. A few dealers in Mumbai are accepting bookings already and we’ll get back with more information on that shortly.

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