5 Bikes which think they are Cars!

Added in: Harley Davidson

Big displacements, airbags, bucket seats, audio systems with surround sound, gigantic cowls – they ride with all of it and more. Created for some car-ego bashing, these rides can put those things on four wheels to shame! Here is our pick of 5 cars mis-spelled as Motorcycles!

  1. A Rocket with an engine of a car, Triumph Rocket III Roadster: Started as a project back in 1998, the Rocket III is a bike with the engine of a car or should we say much larger than most on the roads! A whopping 2.3-liter, three-cylinder engine, biggest engine on any production motorcycle in the business powers this beast!

Triumph Rocket III Roadster

2. The official ‘car on two-wheels’, Honda Goldwing 1800: The bike which flaunts a tag of ‘car of the bike world’ is powered by a 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine. This juggernaut from Honda rolls out with Airbags onboard!

Honda goldwing 2015

3. The chief of our list, Indian Chief Roadmaster: Built upon the iconic Roadmaster name used by Indian in the 1940s, the new Roadmaster focuses on comfort, styling and performance out on the open road, for the long haul. Not just the design arches but also drama-drum of 1800cc inside puts up a great show of the Roadmaster.

Indian Roadmaster

4. The ride which glides into our list not-so-wide with maximum pride is the.. wait for it..Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide! How can we forget the ‘King Pin’ of this list? There are a lot of biggies from Harley, but the CVO Road Glide is our pick for the gig. If Street-Hawk ever wishes to do a sensational comeback to the screens, this 1800cc giant would do the magic.

Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide

Last but not the least, after the 1800’s and more, we have a 500cc inclusion in the list. Not a tourer, not a sport bike rather nothing with the suffix of ‘bike’. It is the maxi-scooter- Yamaha TMAX.

5. Yamaha TMAX the the scooty-Hulk: The TMAX combines the performance of a bike with the convenience and commuting flexibility of a scooter inside the body of a tourer!

Yamaha TMAX3

Finally a special mention…

Our very own over ambitious ‘thing’ for the roads! ‘Catch it if you can!’

Kinetic Blaze

No points for guessing!

Let us know what you think about this list, we will be back with more thinkable-unthinkable crazy compilations!

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