Sportier Volvo S90 R-Design and V90 R-Design editions revealed

The sportier Volvo S90 R-Design and V90 R-Design editions have been revealed; promises tauter chassis setup.

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01 Volvo V90 R-Design

Volvo Cars has revealed performance-inspired R-Design models of the new S90 saloon and V90 estate. Sporting a new front-end design with spoiler-integrated foglights, the R-Design models come with a unique grille and piano black trim on both the front and rear. Rounding off the exterior updates are a set of new five-spoke matt black diamond-cut wheels.

03 Volvo S90 R-Design

Inside, a wide range of styling cues are included, from unique “deco” trim, special pedals and mats, to the sportier, contoured seats and a special steering wheel, along with a high-level interior illumination package. No engine details have been released yet, so the R-Design editions should be powered by the existing D4 and D5 diesel engines, along with the T6 petrol engine and the T8 plug-in hybrid drive-train. All-wheel drive is likely to be available, too, as with the rest of the S90 and V90 range. However, the R-Design editions are expected to be more involving top drive, as Volvo promises a sportier chassis setup.

14 Volvo S90 R-Design

“R-Design delivers an edge to our elegant estate and saloon models in our 90 Series, with a winning combination of a sportier, more responsive drive with clearly visible performance styling,” said Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Cars. Order books are now open for the S90 and V90 R-Design models. UK prices will be announced in Q3 2016.

21 Volvo V90 R-Design
21 Volvo S90 R-Design
20 Volvo V90 R-Design
20 Volvo S90 R-Design
19 Volvo V90 R-Design
19 Volvo S90 R-Design
18 Volvo V90 R-Design
18 Volvo S90 R-Design
17 Volvo V90 R-Design
17 Volvo S90 R-Design
16 Volvo V90 R-Design
16 Volvo S90 R-Design
15 Volvo V90 R-Design
15 Volvo S90 R-Design
14 Volvo V90 R-Design
14 Volvo S90 R-Design
13 Volvo V90 R-Design
13 Volvo S90 R-Design
12 Volvo V90 R-Design
12 Volvo S90 R-Design
11 Volvo V90 R-Design
11 Volvo S90 R-Design
10 Volvo V90 R-Design
10 Volvo S90 R-Design
09 Volvo V90 R-Design
09 Volvo S90 R-Design
08 Volvo V90 R-Design
08 Volvo S90 R-Design
07 Volvo V90 R-Design
06 Volvo V90 R-Design
06 Volvo S90 R-Design
05 Volvo V90 R-Design
05 Volvo S90 R-Design
04 Volvo V90 R-Design
04 Volvo S90 R-Design
03 Volvo V90 R-Design
03 Volvo S90 R-Design
02 Volvo V90 R-Design
02 Volvo S90 R-Design
01 Volvo V90 R-Design
01 Volvo S90 R-Design

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