Tokyo Motor Show 2015: Suzuki hops aboard the two wheeled turbocharged boat


Suzuki turbocharged 600cc engine

Forced induction seems to be the most darling technology among automobile manufacturers these days. While two wheels were largely spared until now, Suzuki has showcased a twin cylinder, turbocharged engine at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. With little information provided, and a press release that says, ‘turbo engine for motorcycles’, details are sketchy. However, the motor is rumored to be a 600 cc twin, and could be called the ‘EX-7’.


Apparently, whenever this engine makes its debut, which could be sometime next year, it wouldn’t be the first turbocharged Suzuki motorcycle that it would power. That credit goes to the XN85, which was released in early 1983. It reportedly produced 85 bhp from its 673cc, 4-stroke, four cylinder, turbocharged, FI engine.  Featuring an oil cooling system that sprayed at the bottom of the pistons to keep the cool, one had to dial 5000 before any boost kicked in.

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