5 reasons why the new Skoda Superb is bound to succeed

Here are the five reasons why the new 2016 Skoda Superb, launched in India will provide the best in class luxury with its value and price 

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The all-new Skoda Superb is just around the corner. The official website of Skoda India is featuring images of the much applauded limo, which is slated for a launch very soon. Right from the time it was first introduced to the Indian market, the Superb has amazed one and all with its unbeatable space, features, luxury and tank-like built. The capable D-Segment sedan with its unrivalled price-value proposition wiped out the competition in its third-gen version and was more or less the only choice in its segment. In its newest avatar, the Superb is sharper, sexier and more luxurious than ever. One look at the machine, and we know it’s going to repeat the success of its forebear. Here are the five reasons why

1. Those sharp looks

Based on the Vision C concept, the new Superb, in its fourth generation looks sharp and appealing from every angle. Its wider stance and a sportier demeanour make it an immaculately balanced, well-proportioned automotive design. Skoda India has revealed some videos of the India specific car, and some of the details are stunning. The sporty coupe like design is complemented with a deck mounted spoiler. Headlights feature illuminated eyelashes, while the tail lamps get crystal like shape and illumination. In profile, the new Superb will get classy 17 inch 10 spoke alloys. Those looks by themselves are going to make sensible men with money swarm the Skoda showroom in throngs
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2. It’s EVEN bigger

Like the previous Skoda Superb wasn’t spacious enough, the new gen version has grown in length, width and wheelbase to offer even more room to the occupants. The new Superb is 28 mm longer, 47 mm wider, and has an 80 mm longer wheelbase over the model it replaces. Expect that cabin to be a playground, and space is one thing the owners of the new Superb are never going to complain about. The funny thing is, even after being bigger the new Superb effortlessly manages to look tauter and more ready for action.

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3. Unmatched luxury for its class

Even in its previous version, the Superb had its nemeses. None of them, however, could match the model for the acreage it had for rear legroom, top-notch leather upholstery, high-quality materials all across the cabin and mind-bogglingly generous set of safety and infotainment features. The new gen Superb goes a notch higher in terms of luxury. The car gets a panoramic sunroof, a 3-zone climate control along with ventilated seats, which are surrounded by piano black accents and ambient lighting. Driver’s seat is 12-way adjustable with three-way programmable memory, while the front passenger seat can be pushed ahead electrically with a ‘boss button’. On the infotainment front, the car gets Smartlink connectivity and a rich 6.5” touch screen mated to a 12 speaker Canton sound system. You also get spot lamps under the wing mirrors. All those features are not available in cars from several segments above, and that can mean only more success for the model.

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4. Suited for business and pleasure

With its honed lines, immaculate details and great street presence, the Superb lends itself as a proper chauffeur driven limo for the boardroom blokes clad in power suits. Those stepping out of its lavish cabin are meant to make a solid statement. At the same time, with its comfort, safety features and a generous boot, the Superb also comes across as the perfect family sedan to pack your bags and venture out for that multi week leisure trip.

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5. The value proposition

Sure, the new Superb will be more expensive than the outgoing model, and we’re afraid, by some margin. But even with that increase in price, we don’t see any rival being able to match this highly lauded machine for features. What you get with the Superb compared to what you pay puts it leagues ahead of any similar offering.

The new Superb is slated for a launch soon, and while we aren’t the ones to let out our verdict without driving a car to the hilt, the new Superb, by the looks of it, seems ready to repeat its forerunners’ success.

Check out the videos of the upcoming luxury limo below 



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