Must Watch: ‘Shape Of You’ Music Made Using Just The Sounds From A Royal Enfield


Royal Enfield is known and loved for the majestic thump that the large single-pot engines make. The bass-heavy sound that the old-school RE motors make have made it the most iconic symbol of machismo from the country.

However, this video from YouTuber Gaurang Soni and his team will make you believe that it is not just the royal thump from the engine that can act as music to the ears. They have created this magnificent cover of Ed Sheeren’s hit single, Shape of You using just sounds produced using Royal Enfield bikes!

The team took over 2 months to build this video and the attention to detail definitely shows through. They have used everything, from the tank to the tyres, the exhaust note to the seats ad even the keys- you will be surprised at all the places that the team has used to create music.

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All of this, of course, is in addition to the beautiful vocals from the lead singer and the backup artists – all that come together to create a symphony which might sound even more magical than the original score to a petrolhead.

After the team had finished experimenting with the bike, the tracks were sent to the USA for mixing. Please note that this video was not sponsored by Royal Enfield but was in fact, a tribute to the original icon from the country.

Do check out the cover through the embedded link below. And don’t forget to support these guys through likes, subscribes and shares. Also, if you have any other such videos in mind that you want to share with the community, drop them in the comments below.

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