TVS Star City Plus Induction Report and First Long Term Review

This is the first monthly riding report of the TVS Star City Plus, the 110cc commuter from the Hosur based motorcycle major.


TVS Star City Plus (9)

Date of acquisition: 28th September 2014

Distance traveled: 3490 Kms

Achieved fuel efficiency 65.85 km/liter

No. of times it has been serviced: Once

This is the first monthly riding report of the TVS Star City Plus, the 110 cc commuter from the Hosur based motorcycle major. After a month’s hard riding for 3,500 odd kilometers, which included a couple of quick (if I’m allowed to say that for an 110 cc machine), non-stop, highway blasts to Pune, the Star City has been a trusty steed. The robust power-plant never managed to skip a beat, while the burbling, moderately raunchy exhaust note, unlike any other pint sized commuter, kept pleasant company throughout. The notable fuel efficiency figures also allowed for a lighter pocket this month- even when punished for a long time on the road, it’s hard to get that 10 liter tank run dry!

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TVS Star City head-lamp (2)

The TVS Star City Plus is a pleasing looker. Though immediately recognizable as a Star City, the styling has undergone a through revamp from the last-gen Star City. The headlight and front fairing have been smartened up and so has the fuel tank which grows and now sports knee recesses. The side panels are fresh and sport faux mesh inserts and a branded 3D logo hiding the top of the rear shocks unlike the exposed units in the earlier model.

TVS Star City Plus tank (3)

 • The paint quality is top notch with deep luster that one would associate with higher capacity premium motorcycles.

TVS Star City Plus switch-gear (1)

• The plastics feel solid and there are no squeaks or rattles to be found anywhere. Even small bits such as the switch-gear plastic, rubber quality on the grips and pegs and the stitching on the seat have a certain degree of finesse and quality about them.

TVS Star City Plus Exhaust

• The heat shield on the exhaust looks nice, but managed to develop a small rattle after spending some time with us.

TVS Star City Plus side panels (2)

The 109cc Ecothrust DLI engine produces 8bhp of power and 8.7Nm of torque which is adequate for urban commutes, though one needs to keep her on full boil on the highway to sustain some respectable speeds. It feels at home in the 50-70kph zone but starts feeling uneasy upwards of 80kph. With throttle fully opened, we were able to achieve a top speed of 97kph (should vary from rider to rider), although the motorcycle did take some time to reach there.

TVS Star City Plus instrumentation (1)


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 Riding impressions:

• Performance is sprightly when riding alone, and TVS claims a quick 8.1 seconds to 60 km/h- we second that.

• Fast paced cruising with the throttle pinned is not an issue, as the power-plant comes across as an extremely robust unit.

• The gearbox isn’t the most methodical thing about the whole package-  especially when shifting from 3rd to 4th.

• The clutch is light, easy and a joy to use.

• The front end of the bike lightens up when riding, and hampers confidence in chock-a-bloc traffic- more so with a pillion around. Though manoeuvring this baby is a breeze.

• Quite a few vibrations make their presence felt through the pegs and handlebars, especially when pushed rather hard, but nothing much to worry about.

• The seat is quite accommodating and comfy. That combined with the supple ride quality make the Star City Plus a good spot to park your rear for the commute.

• Illumination is great and far reaching- no complaints here.

• The Apache sourced wing mirrors tend to re adjust themselves according to the wind, but provide a decent view of the space behind.

• The high-set commuter centric riding stance is absolutely stress-free.

• The TVS Dura Grip tires do the job well, but keep hunting for grip when pushed hard- but that’s not the point of this motorcycle.

• On the braking front, the motorcycle left us crying for more. Though effective enough, the 130mm front and 110mm rear drum brake setup felt somewhat spongy, with the rear locking up at the drop of a hat. A disc up front would have made life a little better.

• The pass beam does not work when the headlight is turned On and you end up using the high/low beam switch to signal oncoming traffic, which is a bit of a small hassle.

• Excellent handlebar grips feel great to hold, while bar-end weights on both sides add some semblance of balance.

• Instrumentation is bare, but clean and neatly laid out. The digital fuel gauge, however seems to have a mind of its own, showing erratic readouts.

• The exhaust note is nice- a burbling rasp from such a petit motor is quite unheard of in recent times and is a welcome addition.

TVS Star City Plus (2)

Price: Rs 44,000 (ex-showroom Delhi)

Efficiency: TVS claims a otherworldly fuel efficiency figure of 86 kmpl. However, in real world conditions, and after 3,490 Kms of riding, we managed to clock a commendable figure of 65.85 km/liter, which by itself is excellent in our view.

TVS Star City Plus tail-lamp



  • Engine Capacity (CC) 109.7 cc
  • Maximum power 8.4 PS @ 7000 rpm
  • Maximum torque 8.7 NM @ 5000 rpm
  • Bore X Stroke 53.5 mm x 48.8 mm
  • Compression Ratio 9.2 : 1
  • Transmission 4 speed constant mesh
  • Clutch Wet – multi plate type
  • Chassis & Suspension
  • Chassis Type Single cradle tubular frame
  • Front Suspension Telescopic oil damped front suspension
  • Rear Suspension 5 step adjustable hydraulic shock absorber

Brakes & Tyres

  • Brake Front Hand operated, Internally expanding, 130 mm dia
  • Brake Rear Foot operated, Internally expanding, 110 mm dia
  • Tyre Size Front 2.75 x 17
  • Tyre Size Rear 3.00 x 17


  • Wheel Base 1260 mm
  • Height 1080 mm
  • Ground Clearance 172 mm
  • Length 1980 mm
  • Width 750 mm


  • Kerb weight 109 kg (ES MAG)
  • 105 kg (KS MAG)


  • Fuel tank including reserve 10 liters
  • Reserve 2 liters
  • Fuel Economy (IDC) 86 Kmpl*

* Under standard test conditions

TVS Star City Plus
TVS Star City Plus tank (2)
TVS Star City Plus tank (1)
TVS Star City Plus switch-gear (3)
TVS Star City Plus switch-gear (2)
TVS Star City Plus side panels (1)
TVS Star City Plus Seat
TVS Star City Plus rear suspension
TVS Star City Plus rear grab rail
TVS Star City Plus key-hole
TVS Star City Plus instrumentation
TVS Star City Plus instrumentation (4)
TVS Star City Plus instrumentation (3)
TVS Star City Plus instrumentation (2)
TVS Star City Plus front left indicator
TVS Star City Plus (8)
TVS Star City Plus (7)
TVS Star City Plus (6)
TVS Star City Plus (5)
TVS Star City Plus (4)
TVS Star City Plus (3)
TVS Star City Plus (1)
TVS Star City head-lamp (1)

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