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Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 1.3 diesel / 1.4 petrol review : Supersized Sensibility


Maruti Suzuki Ciaz petrol (5)

Ever since the very likeable Baleno was taken off the shelves, Maruti Suzuki fans have been clamouring for a deserving successor. Having spawned off a crossover, the beefy SX4 which rode on stilts didn’t appear as something ever remotely related to the low slung Baleno, which was probably the only alternative to the legendary first gen Honda City in India.

The big Honda having finally acquired a diesel burner under the hood has comfortably regained its leadership position in the segment. And with the Ciaz, Maruti is keen on rekindling an old rivalry which somewhat got doused for a prolonged period. Let’s see, how well this latest million buck machine from the leading small car maker of the country has turned out.

Design and appeal

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz front (8)

The Ciaz, which excited us to the bone in the concept form, has been relentlessly watered down for the production trim. While the concept exuded attitude, the Ciaz rolling off the Maruti dealerships is an exponent of safe, inoffensive, though clean design.

The biggest USP of the Ciaz is its size, which is the largest in the segment, and will naturally appeal to the Indian car buyer who loves associating size with value. The Ciaz, thanks to the real estate it covers has some road presence and looks like a car from a segment above. The City has taken the game a notch higher with its enormous size, and Maruti have responded soundly by making the Ciaz go a size up even on the City.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz front (9)

The wide stance and the low roof line works towards adding some attitude to the Ciaz’s otherwise humble lines. The front comprises of a chrome-drenched, though simple looking radiator grille with a quartet of horizontal slats bearing the big Suzuki emblem in the middle. The soft-cornered trapezoidal shape of the grille looks rather meek, but at the same time won’t offend any sensibilities. The angular, swept back headlamps taper inwards and feature some chrome detailing inside along with a projector unit. The design of the lamps lacks character and doesn’t leave a lasting impression. The front also features a wide central air dam with two connected faux side air vents with fog lamps housings flanking it. Just like the grille and the headlamps, the overall shape of the bumper and the integrated air-dams is clean and inoffensive, but doesn’t make you have another look.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaaz side (4)

The side profile of the Ciaz is defined by the strong beltline emanating from the tip of the tail-lamps, traversing its way through the door handles and ending its journey just before the front fender. A curvy, somewhat scooped out crease above the door sills is another important character lines. The roofline, unlike most other cars in the segment doesn’t drop towards the rear, liberating a decent amount of headroom for the rear passengers. Window sills get a chrome lining, adding a premium touch to the sides, and those 16 inch spoke wheels don’t look bad either.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz center rear (3)

At the rear, the Ciaz’s tail-lamps bear an uncanny resemblance with the City’s wide, angular tail lamps. It’d be tough for us to let it pass as mere coincidence, though those lamps are probably the most likeable components of the Ciaz’s otherwise average design. The boot deck is set high, with the registration plate recess finding a distinct pushed-inside hexagonal shape to rest within. The big rear bumper features reflectors in black housings, and just like the rest of the design, offers nothing spectacular and nothing offensive to the eye.

For an average Joe who wants a practical, decent looking sedan for his family, the Ciaz fits the bill perfectly. It would impress most with its size, and doesn’t have any unlikeable oddities that would be frowned upon by anyone.

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  1. hi,
    i had recently had a test drive of the new ciaz. The car looks stunning as well as the interiors are outstanding. but . i have been using the swift vdi 2008 model.i feel the engine and the gear box feels much better on the old swift. The swift is much more powerful that the ciaz. I have changed my mind of selling the swift for ciaz. I hope suzuki will try to improve the performance of the ciaz to atleast the standards they used to follow in 2008 . cheers

  2. I’m 6’3 foot and my brother’s almost my height. After driving a loot of sedans and Mini SUV’s we’ve finally decided on buying the ciaz for its space and leg room. this is the only car with this sort of space and anyone who is tall should pick up this car otherwise i would think the the best option for people under 6 foot would be the verna fluidic cheers


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