Published by Amit Chhangani | December 6, 2013 in Ford

Long term report : Ford Fiesta Classic 1.4 TDCi Duratorq

Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI Duratorq diesel long term road test report and review - fuel efficiency,


It’s been over a month since the Fiesta Classic 1.4 TDCi Duratorq was inducted in Motoroids’ long term fleet. Having been out of the town for almost 20 days due to a personal issue, I wasn’t able to drive the car regularly. However, ever since I returned to Mumbai, I have been taking to the Classic’s wheel rather regularly, and it has now clocked close to 2000 additional kilometers on the odo. The experience thus far has been very good with the erstwhile Fiesta serving us with good fuel efficiency and driving pleasure.

While we are yet to use the Classic as our back up car for one of our out-of-town shoots, it recently was a part of one of our 1000 km weekend breakaways to Tarkarli and Bhogwe beaches on the Maharashtra-Goa border. Detailed travelogue about our adventure to the virgin beaches would soon follow, but for now, we would like to discuss the observations made with the car in the past month.

The Fiesta has always been known to be a good handler, and it’s pretty evident after using our test car that the model has worked hard to earn that reputation. Even though you sit relatively low in the car, the all round visibility is great. The big windows allow ample light in, and the Fiesta manages to feel more spacious than the volume it encapsulates.

The 1.4 TDCi engine is linear, torquey and great in terms of low rev driveability. It pulls cleanly from even sub-1500 rpm making the car a fabulous city runabout, especially for a metro like Mumbai. The mid-range punch is equally strong, and overtaking doesn’t generally require downshifts. The exceptionally strong A/C is a big plus in the hot Indian conditions. Cooling is stupendously fast, and any blower speed above 1 would generally have the front passengers shivering on a moderately warm day.

We have been getting a consistent fuel efficiency of 14 to 15 kmpl within the city which stretches up to 17 kmpl on the highway even with spirited driving. In fact, the car delivered close to 17kmpl on our Tarkarli trip even with four passengers and their luggage aboard – and this was on the NH17 Mumbai Goa highway on our way up, where the median-less traffic conditions require you to brake and accelerate hard quite regularly.

Basic amenities on the car are good enough, with ABS, twin airbags and a feature rich audio unit taking care of most of the daily driving requirements. The space in the backseat is sufficient and the boot is quite capacious too. We love the remote boot release button on the dash which makes life simple.

On the downside, the engine is quite noisy. The cabin isn’t very well insulated from the surrounding, and the engine noise, along with tyre and wind noise manages to filter in without much problem.

We are preparing a more detailed experience with the car. Expect a beautiful travelogue with this beauty soon.


  • Classic, well proportioned exterior
  • Great low rev response and driveability
  • Good fuel efficiency
  • Fun to drive
  • Reasonably spacious
  • Extremely strong A/C


  • Noisy inside the cabin
  • Performance fades away towards the top end of the rev range

Quick details

Model: Ford Fiesta Classic 1.4 TDCi Titanium
Odo reading at the time of report : 18,820 km
Kilometers logged with Motoroids : 2000

Fuel Efficiency
City: 14-15 kmpl
Highway : 17 kmpl

Expenses incurred till date: Nil except fuel, air and washing