Gear review : Rohit’s Alpinestars SMX-4 boots

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Collecting riding gear is fast becoming a passion for me. As far as race boots go though, it’s only a set of Alpinestars SMX-4 that I have been cherishing for over an year now. I have had the liberty of trying on some other brands/models as well, but the SMX-4 has suited me the most, yet. Being less hardcore than the top of the line race boots, the SMX-4 are softer around the ankle, making it easy to walk around when you are off your bike. On the bike, the sole is perfectly contoured and works well even on the footpegs of bikes like the Pulsar or the Karizma, which are niether too commuter oriented, nor too hardcore. These boots can pose a problem while shifting on the footpegs of out-and-out commuterish, rubber laden footpegs of some bikes. The toe end of the boot is quite broad and swollen, making the process of squeezing your leg between the peg and the gear shifter a little difficult. I have had a couple of crashes while having shod these boots and they have served their purpose just right. There is an extra bit of protection for the heel and the shin, while the ankle is designed to bend in the forward direction only, and not sideways. The stock plastic toe sliders are sufficiently thick but if you tend to scrape your toes on a regular basis, I would strongly recommend shifting to the magnesium type – they are thicker and have a longer life.

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