Gear review: Eshan’s DSG Nero riding jacket

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The DSG NERO proved to be a very good investment for me being my very first article of riding gear. Firstly, it’s easy on the pocket compared to most of the riding gear available in the market. Secondly it caters perfectly to your need for a basic riding jacket. The jacket comes with a water proof liner and protective elements in the shoulder, back and elbow regions. The jacket works well in various weather conditions. For rains or winters, the waterproof-cum-thermal liner is a boon and fits in very comfortably with minimum water seepage. In the summer, get rid of the liner, and the six air vents provide enough ventilation.

There is some space inside the liner to store your cellphone and a few other small articles and protect them from getting drenched during wet weather. The textile quality is good and the zips never get stuck. Earlier DSG jackets had this problem, but my jacket comes from a later lot whereon the company has adressed the issue.

With practically no drawbacks (except the velcro around the neck that tends to leave a rash sometimes) the jacket is a steal for its Rs. 5250 price tag.

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