VIDEO: Piaggio MP3 three wheeled scooter test mule sprints across city road in India

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Piaggio has already imported a unit of its three wheeled scooter, the MP3 into the country for research purposes and a video from UrbanHack has reportedly captured the video of a test mule of this high performance scoot on Indian roads. The scooter was doing test runs on the Mysore – Bangalore highway and the person capturing the video was having a difficult time catching up, especially with occasional sprints showcasing the potential of the product.

Here is the video of the scooter doing test runs on Indian roads (Please wait for a few seconds for the video to appear):

Now we are not sure about the technical specifications of the motor powering the MP3 but expect to see this plug-in hybrid to receive a 125cc petrol engine along with a 3.5 Hp electric motor. The combined power output, from the petrol and electric motor, stands at 17.5 bhp.

As we reported earlier, the unit imported for R&D purposes costed Rs 540,999 and the final price, with the addition of various taxes will place this scooter in a much premium segment. We are not sure if the Indian audience will accept a 125cc scooter, although hybrid, at such premium price tag. We hope that Piaggio introduces the MP3 scooter in India soon so we can get our hands on this three-wheeled machine. Wouldn’t you like to ride one too? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through the comments section below.

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